The Easy Way To Grow your Business With Twitter

By Frederique Bros
on 4 November 2014

Twitter introduces an easier way for advertisers to create, measure and optimize campaigns — while only paying for the actions that align with their marketing objectives. With 400 million Tweets a day and 200 million active users, people turn to Twitter to bring them closer to the things they care about, whether it’s the news that affects their lives or the businesses down the road.

The Easy Way To Grow your Business With Twitter

Start with one of the goals below. You can create multiple campaigns to suit each of your business goals. Follow those 5 easy steps and grow your business authority and popularity.

Grow Followers

Research shows that when someone follows you on Twitter, they not only see your Tweets – they also take actions that benefit your business.

For example, followers share positive experiences about the businesses they follow with their own networks, Retweet your Tweets, and are more likely to purchase from you in the future. These actions may be explained by the fact that 85% of Twitter users say they feel more connected to small and medium-sized businesses after following them.

To help you build an engaged, connected audience, Twitter has made it easy to create campaigns that accelerate your relevant follower growth. Once you’ve acquired these new followers, you can continue to engage with them over time.

Drive Website Clicks Or Conversions

Twitter’s millions of active users are a powerful asset that extends well beyond the product. In fact, 47% of users who follow a business are more likely to visit the company’s website. To help you tap into this opportunity, Twitter has made it easy to create campaigns that seamlessly bring users to your site.

Increase Tweet engagements

The value of Twitter extends beyond their millions of active users – it’s how these users engage with the product. Twitter users have passionate conversations, explore topics and share interesting content. Becoming a part of that active and energetic engagement is a great way to build relationships and create advocates for your business.

To increase engagement with your Tweets, Twitter has made it easy to create campaigns that serve up relevant content to your followers and to those who’ve yet to discover you.

Drive App Installs Or Engagements

Since 78% of Twitter’s users access the platform from a mobile device, mobile application developers have a huge opportunity to reach a relevant audience. To boost your app installs and engagements, Twitter has made it easy to create campaigns that let people download and open your mobile app from directly within your Tweets.

Find Leads On Twitter

Leads, or potential customers that have expressed interest in your products or services, are what drive your business forward. On Twitter, you can generate leads by collecting email addresses from these potential customers.

Once you’ve captured these new email addresses, you can nurture these potential customers through regular email marketing campaigns. To help you build your email contact list, Twitter has made it easy to create campaigns that enable users to share their email address with you from directly within your Tweet.

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