ECOVACS Latest Robotic Vacuums Map Your Home So Hey – No More Getting Stuck Under The Bed

Pamela Connellan
on 10 March 2021

We hear you – we’re all busy these days and yes, many of us are still working from home so now more than ever we need help getting that pesky house cleaning done. This makes the release of the DEEBOT U2 and the sale of the DEEBOT 920 in ALDI stores right now timely because both of these vacuums have the sort of high tech features which make them unobtrusive and efficient so before you know it, your home is clean.

Here at Women Love Tech we’ve trialed our fair share of robotic vacuums and both the U2 and the 920 are nifty pieces of tech. This is something we need these days because since COVID, many more of us have pets and this means more cleaning. So what do these vacuums have to offer us. Let’s start with the U2.

Ecovac 920
Since COVID, many more of us have pets which makes the need for a robotic vacuum even more important.

How the U2 works:

The U2 has Smart Move navigation for hard floors so it will take what it sees as the ideal cleaning path and this will protect your furniture by using anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers.

Be prepared to be shocked by what it picks up

If you thought you were keeping your home clean when you try using the U2 you’ll probably think again! We did and with a battery life of 110 minutes, this little vacuum kept running around the apartment – cleaning in hard to reach places like under the bed. After the 110 minutes, it comes back to charge – telling us of course in a very quiet, polite tone: “I’m starting to charge.”

The real surprise was when we opened up the vacuum to empty it, we found it was packed full of dust, hairs – you name it! We wondered how there could possibly be this much stuff lying around on our floors? As we say – you can think you’ve cleaned up fairly well but this little vacuum makes you think again! The place smelt so much fresher!

The U2 has a 400ml dustbin and a 300ml water reservoir, so it can vacuum and mop an entire home in a single go. You just install the cleaning cloth plate to switch between vacuum and mopping functions and the electronically controlled water pump draws water from the reservoir for the mopping.

The U2 has a standard mode for everyday clean ups and a Max+ mode for deep cleaning performance which boosts suction power 2.5 times. As well you have a three-layer filter including sponge and filter element which allow it to scoop up micrometer size particles without stirring up dust – so your place ends up fresher and healthier.

Priced at the lower end of the market at $399, the U2  can be used with a smartphone app so  you can schedule and manage the cleaning in-between taking calls.

The DEEBOT U2 is available from Bunnings and JB HiFi, Godfreys and The Good Guys.

More about the 920

Deebot 920The DEEBOT 920 is a step up from the U2 and normally retails for $899 but as we said right now you can get them for $399 from ALDI. Some of the features of the 920 include:

  • Vacuums and mops so you get an overall clean.
  • Carpet detection so it increases suction on carpets or avoids them when mopping.
  • Smart Navi 3.0 technology maps your home, creating a virtual map and setting boundaries for itself.
  • Convenience with voice activation via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

You can also purchase a magnetic boundary stripe and you can place this on areas of your home you don’t want disturbed. It can be operated by your smartphone using the app – making it easy to schedule and manage your cleaning routines and operating modes.

At full price, this robot retails for $899 but right now it’s in ALDI stores for  $399.

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