Why Elly Awesome Is So Awesome On TikTok

By Julius Feldmann
on 27 December 2022

With over a million followers on TikTok and more than 30 million likes, Elly Awesome tests the newest technology on the market. Her quirky personality, paired with witty reactions, is captivating a new generation of women to fall in love with tech and explains why it’s so awesome. 

Elly Bailey has built a growing following in the last decade, working as a technology journalist across most popular social media platforms. Although she reviews a variety of lifestyle and food products, her videos about the latest technology from around the globe have skyrocketed her following. 

Elly’s unique style has made her the top Australian female tech reviewer on TikTok and YouTube. It is therefore no surprise, that her hyper-engaging content has led to work with the biggest tech brands, like Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Netflix. Check out 5 of our favourite TikTok videos from her channel:

5 Awesome Tech TikToks 


Elly Awesome Apple Watch
Elly shows us how to control an Apple Watch, without touching it!

A feature on the Apple Watch most of us certainly never knew about: hands-free control.

PlayStation sent me a box of NOTHING?! 

Elly Awesome Playstation
How would you react if Playstation sent you an ’emtpy’ box?

Elly was super excited to receive a free gift from Playstation, only to realise the box was see-through and empty. Or was it?

This robot is insane – it’s the Optimus Prime Robot by Robosen & Hasbro

Elly Awesome pushups
This Optimus Prime Robot can even do pushups!

When an Optimus Prime transforming robot has a push up setting, it has to be tested out. Elly wants to see who can last longer in a head-to-head competition.

The BEST pink car coming to the market 

Elly Awesome Electric car
Electric cars are absolutely everywhere. Now even in pink!

Elly shows us the rumoured ‘cheapest electric car to hit the market’ with lots of tech features and a snazzy colour to match.

Testing Apple Watch Ultra underwater

Elly Awesome Apple Watch Underwater
Elly tests the depth measurement on the new Apple Watch Ultra.

There’s no better way to show your followers how committed you are to reviewing you products than to endure the freezing ocean.

Check out more videos like these on ellyawesometech.

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