Entrepreneur Jack Delosa’s 5 Hacks For Creating Wealth And Happiness During COVID-19

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on 5 September 2021

Jack Delosa is an entrepreneur, investor, best selling author, host of Foxtel series Entrepreneurs and founder of the training institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage.

He is also someone who has had first-hand experience of the fear and uncertainty that can arise in times of crisis, having been only weeks away from a monthly loss of $800k back in 2016. 

His drive to build sustainable businesses stems from his experience growing up with parents who worked for a charity which assisted drug addicts in need.

“At the age of six, my parents ran Break The Cycle which was a not for profit organisation that did amazingly profound work,” explains Jack. “They helped drug addicted jail-birds get back on track. That was the world I grew up in and I learned a lot of life skills from listening to them. When Break The Cycle collapsed, I felt angry and a huge sense of injustice, too. That pissed me off.”

Jack harnessed his anger by embarking on a business that helped other businesses. His company The Entourage aims to build resilient and sustainable businesses. More than most, Jack understands the power and opportunities you get from building sustainable businesses that can ‘stand on their two feet and become profitable’. 

“At The Entourage, we change people’s lives,” says Jack. “We give entrepreneurs what they need to build a great company and live meaningful lives. 

“It’s important to remember you go into business to get freedom and it is often the thing entrepreneurs lose. Often, they become a prisoner of their own companies which sounds counter-intuitive. We give them their life back by helping them build a commercially scalable business.”

“Your business should enable your life, not the other way around and business owners forget that.”

Jack Delosa

The ideal formula, he says, is to live, work and play from a state of empowerment (think, feelings of certainty, pride, contentment, freedom, trust, compassion and happiness etc.).

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Jack says “I suggest you are proactive about being authentically happy.

Jack believes in living in an empowered state of mind in order to achieve strong results. It’s how, he says, we can “evolve into our best selves.”

Here are entrepreneur Jack Delosa’s 5 simple hacks for creating wealth, happiness and surviving COVID-19

  1. Take this opportunity to create a vision for your life outside of COVID-19 and pre these restrictions. So many people live unconsciously without being aware of their feelings and now they have a forced level of time for reflection and to reassess their lives. I suggest you create this vision much like you would a business plan.
  2. Develop skills around where the world is going and do this whether it’s for your career or passion point. Think, where is your business going in five to ten years and proactively develop those interests through education. Think about what you love and develop capabilities to match those areas.
  3. Invest. Even in small amounts. Even in a downturn when the value of assets come down significantly. Don’t wait until you feel wealthy to invest. Start investing now. Train yourself to have more of an investor mindset. Shifts in your mindset like this will help shift your mindset with money.
  4. Start doing something you love. Think about what truly rejuvinates you and lightens you up. It’s different for everyone. It might be journaling, time with kids. Think about the stuff that get lost in every day life. Start to schedule and ritualise those things in every day life.
  5. Use The Happiness Advantage book or audiobook. People think when I become successful they will become happy and they have it backwards. The behaviour which correlates with happiness is also a behaviour which correlates with success. Happiness is not a mood, it is a skill. It’s no different from learning to play a violin, you need to practice it. I suggest you are proactive about being authentically happy. 

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