Facebook Is Bringing Community Together For COVID-19

Emeric Brard
on 2 April 2020

After recently announcing the Information Centre on Facebook News Feeds and in the Messenger by Facebook app, Facebook is now providing Community Help to help people get through COVID-19 as smoothly as possible.

Linked to the Information Centre, Community Help essentially acts as a means for the community to complete tasks like delivering groceries to elderly neighbours who cannot go and buy them themselves or volunteering to distribute food through local food banks, and donate to fundraisers for relief efforts. Mark Zuckerberg recently posted this heartfelt video on Facebook:


Community Help was first introduced in 2016 for Crisis Response to support people in the aftermath of the natural disasters around the world including: Tornado in Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA, Flooding in Aden, Yemen and even a Terrorist Attack in Shur Bazar, Kabul, Afghanistan. It was also used during Australia’s terrible bushfires earlier in the year where thousands of posts were received offering help for accommodation, food and clothing bundles, food for wildlife requests and temporary homes for animals.

Community Help, Facebook

Hundred of people have already started requesting and offering help on the forum for everything from resource aid to business guidance. Click here to visit the page to get started on helping your community.

“We’re never lost if we can find each other”


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