Facebook Messenger Launches Football World Cup Features and Games

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on June 13, 2018

If you’re the kind of person who loves football and can’t wait for the World Cup to begin, then you’re probably already knee-deep in football articles, draws, statistics, and memes. And just in time for Australia’s first match this Saturday, Facebook Messenger has gotten into the football spirit as well, launching new World Cup themed features, camera effects, filters, and hidden games. Because, well, it’s 2018, and draws and statistics just aren’t enough anymore!

Some of the new World Cup features on Facebook Messenger include:

  • New Messenger Camera Effects: Fans across Australia can access special filters in the Messenger Camera, such as ‘green & gold’ face paint and festive wigs to support the Socceroos. These are custom designed for competing teams.
  • New Camera Frames: Cheer for your favourite teams with new camera frames that feature the flag of each competing country. You can try out the France vs. Australia frame this coming weekend!
  • Start your own tournament with fun games on Messenger:
    • Keepie Uppie: Messenger is introducing a new twist to the keepie uppie (football) hidden game in Messenger. Compete while representing the country of your choice – even if they are not officially competing in the World Cup. Send a flag of your choice and a football to your friends in a chat. Tap the ball on the screen to keep the ball in the air. To win, keep in mind one simple thing: don’t drop that ball.

  • Golden Boot: Go to the games tab on Messenger and search for Golden Boot; you can test your skills and take up the challenge to be the best free-kick taker.
  • Ronaldo Kick’n’Run: You can put yourself in Cristiano Ronaldo’s very famous (and expensive) shoes and see how it feels to kick, run and score like CR7 himself, in this unique 3D arcade game. To score and beat your opponents, you must take on rival defenders while also avoiding the obstacles on Moscow’s streets. You can compete against your friends by challenging them to a game, and play in real time as you video chat your opponents!

The new features will roll out gradually in the next few days.

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