Facebook Watch Is Now in Australia With Lots Of Locally Created Content

Say goodbye to your free time - Facebook made the announcement late last week that Facebook Watch is now available in Australia!

If you ever feel like you spend half your life streaming shows and videos, you’re probably not alone. With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Youtube creating original content faster than we can watch, FOMO is a very real feeling with regard to online content. And now, we also have Facebook Watch vying for our eyes – with a platform for shows and videos on Facebook.

Facebook Watch launched in the US a year ago, to give people a place on Facebook to find shows and video creators they love and to start conversations with friends, other fans, and even the creators themselves. More than 50 million people in the US watch these videos each month. And it’s now a feature for all countries around the world, including Australia. Watch will be available on mobiles, desktops and laptops, as well as in TV apps. The shows are mostly made up of episodes — either live or pre-recorded — and follow a theme or a specific storyline.

The content creators for Australia and New Zealand include personalities who have already become Youtube famous (e.g. the ridiculously funny “How to Dad”) as well as sites such as Beauticate that create videos with bigger stars such as Miranda Kerr and Ruby Rose.

Beauticate – A beauty site where women can learn the techniques to look and feel incredible. Example videos include:

How to Dad – Who doesn’t love How to Dad! Jordon Watson is a dad who shares hilarious parenting updates from New Zealand with a strong following on Facebook. Example videos include these funny ones:

Watch also has videos from other more traditional entertainment sources, such as Channel 7 House Rules, as well as interesting news videos from ABC and Seven News.

Well, there goes your free time now!

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