Aussie Female Entrepreneurs On Overcoming Challenges

By Women Love Tech
on 14 July 2020

There’s a ‘turning point’ when a business goes from being a start-up, or growing concern to becoming a successful one – but what triggers that change, and what are the secrets to keeping the momentum going?

Jo Lamble, Psychologist and host of The Moral Maze; Ronni Kahn, CEO and Founder of Australia’s largest food rescue organisation OzHarvest; Annalise Law, Managing Director of The Kanga Group, Australia’s leading promotional products group, and Robyn Foyster, Owner and Publisher of TheCarousel, Women Love Tech and Game Changers, discuss the challenges they met while building their businesses, how they built on what they had created and why they didn’t give up.

Telstra Business Award Alumni Ronni and Annalise describe their individual light-bulb moments when they realised why their passions were going to become the driving force behind OzHarvest and The Kanga Group.  Now, both running successful international concerns, they reveal to the Moral Maze Panel why focus is so important; how it feels to overcome each challenge one at a time and why you need to believe in yourself.  Robyn, a former award winning editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly, says developing the vision you start with can bring its own benefits as a company grows, regardless of its status.

So, what are the similarities between all these women besides their spirit and drive? Psychologist Jo Lamble says there are many – and that we can learn from them.

Want to know more about what success means to these women? Just hit play. You’ll be inspired, we guarantee it.

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