How To Find Cosmetic Surgery Tips on Your iPhone 5 in Seconds

Frederique Bros
on 10 February 2014

With a good app of course. Way before you are going under the knife, you need to do lots of research about the best surgeon, prices, risk and locations. So I did some research to find the best apps to guide you. I was disappointed to find low-quality apps or self-advertising ones.

The Cosmetic Surgery Guide seems to be the most serious and complete app. They said they are the definitive guide to cosmetic surgery and aesthetics in the UK, so let’s dig a bit into this app. Please note I always try my apps before reviewing them in Women Love Tech.

The Cosmetic Surgery Guide – Free

  • This app is free but it’s only a presentation of The Cosmetic Surgery Guide magazine – UK.
  • Each magazine release covers 3 months and cost $5.49

How Does Cosmetic Surgery Guide Work

  • Click on the cover, a pop up will ask you if you want to see the content or preview – the content doesn’t work it only opens the cover in a thumbnail photo.
  • Click on preview – and an alert message says: Please note, preview is not representative of the purchased issue, it is a lower resolution and lacks any interactive features – ok not very inviting.
  • On page 3, you can visualise the issue’s contents, but because it’s a low-resolution image it makes it difficult to read – hmmm not happy so far.
  • After flicking 4 or 5 pages of advertising, you can at least read the expert advice – but still hard to read because of the quality of the low image.
  • You will need to buy the issue to be able to read the magazine properly, and for only $5.49 you can find cosmetic surgery tips on your phone in seconds – ok it was a bit of a ‘pushy’ title.

Now let’s see what the magazine says in iTunes app store:

In this handbook you’ll find everything you should ever need to know about cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments in the UK. Deciding what treatment to have and with whom can be confusing. The aim of this guide is to provide you with a concise A-Z of who’s who and what’s what in the land of cosmetic enhancement, steering you through the maze of treatments, products and practitioners. At TCSG we encourage doing your research and ensuring safety is top of your list of priorities. This issue we have some fantastic features for you, including interviews with the leading UK practitioners, and expert opinion on the latest treatments and products. From a new life-changing eye surgery, to a breakthrough treatment for stubborn cellulite, this guide is bursting with honest advice from those who know cosmetic surgery best.

All right, at the end of the day, if you are really not happy with something on your body, Google it, talk about it with your friends and family, do your homeworks, and arrange meetings with surgeons to get the best advices – an app will never replaced years of experience and professionalism of a good cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic Surgery is a serious lifetime decision, so don’t ever go for the ‘cheap’ option. If you still hesitating, check the reality and Google: cosmetic surgery gone wrong images I can tell you it’s scary! Be happy, healthy with a strong mind that is making you amazing and unique.

Images: Google

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