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By Frederique Bros
on 28 April 2014

Taking photos with your smartphone is fun and handy. The down point is where you look at your photos on a bigger screen like your desktop, the image is not what you’ve expected – it’s pixelated or blurry. This is why for special events, like birthdays, weddings, or a romantic weekend away, I take my pro camera (Nikon) and I never missed a good pic. Buying a high-quality camera is an investment that you won’t ever regret.

If you live in Australia, there is one website specialized only in cameras that I would recommend – Ted’s Cameras website.

What I like About Ted’s Cameras Website

Ted’s Cameras website offers multiple camera options to a competitive price. You have the choice between compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, Digital camera lenses, digital video and accessories. If you have a favourite brand you can also browse the site by brands or categories. I also asked a couple of my friends who are professional photographers what they think about the site – they love it and browse it to find some extra equipment for their work. I always say when a pro photographer tells you “it’s a good site mate” then go for it!

What I like about the site, is got everything. You can also print your photos online, they also offer some digital courses in your area (Australia). If you are a tight budget clearance centre will take straight away to their best camera prices. I particularly love their gadget page for your phone, you can find the perfect tripod or a video stand for your iPhone. So much fun.

About Ted’s Cameras

Ted’s has always been first to bring new technology to the Australian market. Back in the 1970’s they introduced Australia to the first SLR with a built-in light meter. In the 1980’s they introduced the country to the first video cameras and in 1994 they were the first to bring Australia with the digital camera. In 2010, they introduced the new 4/3rds format compact SLR style cameras. When you buy a camera from Ted’s, you can be sure you’re choosing from a range that includes the latest and greatest the world has to offer.

Photo taken with my Nikon camera. Easter weekend – Byron Bay

Why Buy From Ted

  • 20 Stores Nationally
  • 100% Australian Stock
  • Ted’s Price Promise
  • Online Customer Assistance
  • Helpful and Expert Staff
  • Phone, Email or LiveChat
  • Mon-Fri 8-5:30pm and Sat 10am-5pm

Social Centre

Ted’s Cameras are very active on social media creating a great and fun community of enthusiasts photographers – They are constantly monitoring new technology and equipment releases to share so that you can be the first to know about what is happening in the industry. It is a full time occupation keeping up with all the trends and changes in photography but you can keep it simple by checking their regular tweets, pins, posts and messages!

Social Media – they have over 11,559 followers on Facebook where you can read some hints from other photographers, same thing for Twitter, Google + and Pinterest.

Photo Competition – You can submit your best pictures to win various hardware prizes but also importantly receive feedback on your images from your peers. They are looking forward to providing a platform for users to share some great photographs from the Australian community!

This Camera In Action – On any camera product page you will notice a section headed “This Camera in Action” which has a feed from photo-sharing website Flickr and Picasa displaying images created with that particular model alongside any relevant Twitter mentions. 

Sharing Your Love of Photography – is a section where photographers display their best photos with tips on composition and equipment that they used to create their image – who knows, maybe you’ll be next!

ClubTed – With your first purchase at Ted’s, you can become a member of their popular ClubTed program and join thousands of like-minded people. You will also receive $10 voucher to redeem towards your next purchase of over $20 and many other membership discounts & benefits listed here.

Check out their Social Centre for more information.

Reviews Page

Will help you to compare cameras and to read reviews of other buyers – this is a must-read before buying a camera!

Peace of Mind

  • 14 Day Exchange
  • Free Return Shipping
  • Return Instore

No more excuse to miss a great photo anymore – shoot like a pro! Visit Ted’s Cameras Website.

Featured Image: Deposit Photo

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