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Your Summer Guide To Our Favourite Fitness Apps

Keep Fit Anytime, Anywhere, With Friends And Family

You’ve been saying it for years, but this summer really is your chance to ramp-up your fitness regime – check out our shortlist of the best health and fitness apps below, it’s time to get started… 

Han x Fit

Drop the ‘I didn’t have time’ excuse because Han x Fit has half hour workouts as well as individual exercises to pick from if you can’t even spare that 30 minutes. Body weight exercises are free, additional programmes are only $3.99 and you can save yourself the hefty gym membership fee and do these at home.

5 Apps To Kick-Start Your Healthier Summer


If you’re trying to shift a few pounds and can’t convince yourself to eat less, try this. On your next food shop scan your items to reveal the nutritional stats, and get a list of healthier alternatives too. Alter the filter to suit your dietary needs, such as ‘SaltSwitch’, ‘GlutenSwitch’, ‘FatSwitch’ and ‘SugarSwitch’. So go switch that 1kg of Nutella. We believe in you.

5 Apps To Kick-Start Your Healthier Summer


Simply Yoga FREE

Download this app for your free portable yoga instructor. There are audio instructions and videos so you can easily follow each workout – so it’s great for beginners, and you can choose 20, 40 or 60-minute workouts to suit your plans. Release your stress and get your Zen on. We know you want to.

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG

Monitoring your calorie consumption just got so much easier. Record the food you eat by searching the database or scanning the barcode, and deduct the calories you burn from the list of exercises and workouts to find your net consumption. The app will set goals for you based on your personal profile to ensure that you achieve sustainable weight loss.

5 Apps To Kick-Start Your Healthier Summer



Bored of the treadmill, staring at that wall and listening to that playlist that you still haven’t updated? Download this app and get down to a local yoga studio, spin class, boot camp or more. Check out reviews by fellow fitness pals too to see which class is best for you. Book fitness classes instantly and sync them to your phone calendar so you never miss a session.

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All apps are free to download and available on iOS and Android.

By Hannah Lising-White

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  1. Thank you for your suggestions, I only have the: MyPlate Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG
    It truly does help with the monitoring process of the calories. I’ve lost 5-6 pounds already just by using this app. Might try out some others that you’ve suggested, loved the article 🙂





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