5 Best Podcasts To Listen To This Month

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 16 May 2023

From an enthralling real-life mystery series from the creators of the cultural phenomenon, The Teacher’s Pet, to a business series unpacking how to balance the work-life grind, there’s plenty of podcasts to choose from. Plus there’s a new season of a real cult classic. 

The Night Driver podcast

The Night Driver

On a rain-soaked night 19 years ago, Janine Vaughan disappeared. Almost two decades later, the remnants of the mystery continue to divide a once close-knit country community. Succumbing to rumour and speculation, amidst it all Janine’s family have remained steadfast in their commitment to uncovering what happened that night. Created by Hedley Thomas, the revered investigative journalists who created the cultural phenomenon, The Teacher’s Pet, The Night Driver looks set to become the next national obsession. 

Do You F_____g MInd

Do You F*cking Mind?

As a pilates instructor and neuroscience student, Sydney-sider Alexis Fernandez knows a thing or two about having the right mindset. In her open and honest series, Alexis gives listeners no bullsh*t mindset hacks to live their most badass life. Talking through all things self growth, self love, relationships and learning to give less of a f**k, Alexis sprinkles her colourful words of wisdom with some neuroscience thrown in for good measure.

sects podcast

Let’s Talk About Sects 

Continuing to deep dive into the lives and history of the world’s most notorious cult leaders and their followers, series four of award-winning Australian podcast, Let’s Talk About Sects, launches on Wednesday 16 September 2020. Season 4 of the fascinating series includes interviews with former members of the Exclusive Brethren, the Two by Twos (a religious group that claims to have no name and no leader), and a man who fell into leadership of the Zion Full Salvation Ministry after its female founder passed away. The season will also look into OneTaste, a self-help organisation focused on the female orgasm that has faced accusations of being a pyramid scheme and a cult.

Warrioru podcast

Warrior U 

Across 100 episodes of the WarriorU podcast Special Forces Veteran Bram Connolly has encouraged listeners to  stop making excuses and build their best lives. In the new season 

launching Sunday September 6th, Bram is again joined by a cavalcade of inspirational guests that will expand the way listeners think about everything from human optimisation to entrepreneurialism, leadership and resilience. He may even encourage you to finally go for THAT run. 

Funny Business

Funny Business

Meet Robbie Hicks and Lachlan Bradford – two Aussie blokes hellbent on inspiring their listeners to explore their entrepreneurial passions. A recruiter and a productivity coach respectively, Robbie and Lachlan know what it takes to take charge of the professional world. As the podcast’s name suggests, Funny Business isn’t all business doom and gloom. Each week the hosts are joined by inspirational business leaders to talk about how to balance the grind. 

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