Five Excellent New Adobe Lightroom Features That Make Picture Editing a Breeze

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 21 May 2024

Not a pro picture editor? Not a drama! Today, Adobe unveiled Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom. Bringing the magic of Adobe Firefly directly into everyday photo editing workflows across Lightroom mobile, web, and desktop surfaces.

Generative Remove is Lightroom’s most powerful remove tool yet. Giving everyone the ability to remove unwanted objects from any photo non-destructively in a single click by intelligently matching the removed area with pixel-perfect generations for high-quality, realistic, and stunning results. From removing distractions in family photos to empowering professionals with speedier retouching workflows and more fine-grain control, Generative Remove offers exciting capabilities for all photographers. This feature is now available as an early access feature across the Lightroom ecosystem for millions of users.

Lightroom’s AI-powered Lens Blur tool is now generally available with all-new presets. Empowering everyone to achieve aesthetic blur effects on any photo in a single click. Combined with Lightroom’s world-class photo editing tools, these latest features speed up everyday workflows for pros. And, give new photo editing superpowers to hobbyists so everyone can create amazing photos.

“Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro photographer, everyone wants to be able to quickly and easily edit their photos on the go,” said Ashley Still, senior vice president and general manager, Creative Cloud at Adobe. “We’re excited to bring the magic of Firefly to Lightroom’s millions of users. So, they can live in the moment knowing they have the most powerful tools to edit, manage and share anywhere they are.”

Let’s get generative

Accessing Generative Remove is as easy for Lightroom users as cropping a photo or adding a preset. Generative Remove is helpful for editing even the most complicated backgrounds and surroundings. Including removing stains from a patterned shirt, wrinkles on a tablecloth in food photography, unwanted reflections in water, and more. From removing distractions in travel photos to empowering more seamless retouching capabilities for pros, Generative Remove opens up new creative possibilities. And, saves time, allowing photographers to focus on bringing their creative visions and work to life. Adobe is closely engaging with the community. With Generative Remove in early access to gather feedback, advance the model, and expand the capabilities of Generative AI in the Lightroom ecosystem.

The Super Six

These new Lightroom tools now empower users of all skill levels, from hobbyists to pros, to edit photos from anywhere and any device faster, easier, and more intuitively than ever before:

  • Lens Blur. Now generally available, seamlessly adds aesthetic blur effects to any part of a photograph in a single click. This includes all-new automatic presets.
  • Expanded tethering support. Suitable for new cameras, including the latest Sony digital cameras such as the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V. It provides access to photos in Lightroom Classic in real-time. Delivering time-saving benefits for everyday editing workflows and enabling better collaboration across teams.
  • HDR Optimisation. Used already across tens of millions of images, this allows anyone capturing photos to edit and export their photos with brighter highlights. As well as deeper shadows, and more vivid colours, as seen in real life.
  • Photo libraries. Instant access in Lightroom mobile and desktop apps empowers faster editing than ever before.
  • New mobile editing experience. This streamlines the mobile toolbar to prioritise the most popular features, making it faster and more intuitive to edit.

Adding AI into the equation

Adobe remains committed to developing AI in accordance with the company’s AI Ethics principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency. As AI becomes more prevalent in content creation, Adobe believes that it is important to provide consumers with transparency about its use in the creative process. A recent study from Adobe showed that 76% of U.S. consumers emphasised the importance of knowing if online content is generated using AI. When Generative Remove becomes generally available, Content Credentials will be automatically attached to photos edited with the feature in Lightroom. Like a “nutrition label” for digital content, Content Credentials are tamper-evident metadata. That can provide important information about how digital content was created, modified, and published.

Generative Remove is powered by Firefly Image 1 Model and is available today as an early access feature. Across the Lightroom ecosystem via mobile, desktop, iPad, web, and Classic. In addition, Lens Blur is now generally available with all-new preset functionality across the Lightroom ecosystem via mobile, desktop, iPad, web, and Classic. For more information on the latest innovations in Adobe Lightroom, visit

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