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Five Podcasts For You To Get Your February Fix


Women Love Tech recently compiled a list of ten Aussie podcasts to keep an eye out for throughout 2020, this time we’re back to give you five for the month of February. From the drama of personal stories to the comedic weirdness of friends, these five podcasts are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

This is your February fix.

1# Loose Units x My Dad Wrote A Porno

podcast, loose units x my dad wrote a porno

In this special episode of Loose Units, the audience is a given a collaboration between a podcast that talks about true crime and one that exposes the contents of a porno written by Jamie Morton’s father – this can’t be good. This crossover is gloriously disgusting. They discuss the porno itself, play a game called Horny for Justice, and Jamie reads an erotic crime story written by John. Warning…It’s NSFW!

Listen to it here.

2# Stories Behind The Story with Better Reading

podcast, stories behind the story

Listen to the drama of personal stories that inspire authors, listen in on conversations on contemporary issues, and maybe get a few tips on writing. This is a podcast where Cheryl Akle discusses the world with her favourite authors.

Listen to it here.

3# Dragon Friends

Dragon Friends

Join in on the hilarious conversations of six friends making their way through their first Dungeons & Dragons campaign as they quest through the magical world of Faerun and beyond.

It gets weird…really quick.

Listen to it here.

4# After Work Drinks

after work drinks

Pop culture, news and entertainment all in one podcast, brought to you by magazine journalists and best friends Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neill.

Listen to it here.

5# Lemon

Lemon, podcast

Can’t get the juice without the squeeze. This podcast gives you the latest juice of celebrity and pop culture news and discusses issues faced by women, LGBTQI+ and the Asian community.

Listen to it here.

Emeric Brard

Written by Emeric Brard


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