Folr A Free Tracking App That All Parents Will Love

Folr A Free Tracking App That All Parents Will Love

Have you ever wonder where are you kids after school? We live in a turbulent World and there are plenty of reasons to worry about the location and safety of those you care the most. Don’t panic technology is here to help you, and as you know there is an app for that! Folr a free tracking app that all parents will love. Folr is a wonderful tool giving the reassurance to set your mind at ease.

“Smartphones have also become an inseparable way of life for millions of people and location-sharing functionality is now standard for all,” says Steven Ellis, CEO and Founder of Folr. “With these combined, the ability to track the location of your family, friends or colleagues in a safe, unobtrusive and accurate way, has become a cost-effective and convenient modern-day possibility.”

How to get started

Folr A Free Tracking App That All Parents Will Love– Download Folr from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free

– Users can select whom they wish to follow from their phones’ contacts

– Folr will send that person a request. When they accept, they will be prompted to download Folr to be a user as well

– Get real-time, detailed information on the location of your loved ones

– Get detailed location history of your loved ones for up to a year

When installed, Folr creates two lists, a list of those who the user wants to follow and a list of those who want to follow the user.

– Users can be at peace when seeing the exact location of whom they have followed.

– The followed can also rest easy knowing that those dearest to them are watching over them.

Good To Know

– Users can see from the history to know where the followed was and predict where they could be. This “History” function will be $29.99 USD per year (less than $2.50 USD per month), to be reassured on the path of the followed.

– Folr is ensuring privacy for users and those they follow. First, Folr will not have any advertising.

– Folr will not sell user data to 3rd parties.

– Folr allows the followed to set the days-of-week and the hours-of-day that their device can be tracked.

– They can also, at any point, deactivate the tracking.

Folr A Free Tracking App That All Parents Will Love

Who uses Folr

– Anyone who has loved ones – parents, children, spouses, significant others and close friends

– Administrators can be easily be updated on the whereabouts of its entire student body


– Compatible with all devices

– Easily installed on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and operating system (iOS or Android)

Overall, Folr is very easy to use giving you a peace of mind for the people you care. The followed can activate or deactivate when they wish.

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Written by Frederique Bros

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