Free Virtual Investment Conference Streaming Today Shines A Light On Female Tech Leaders

Pamela Connellan
on 4 November 2022

With inflation and rising interest rates wreaking havoc on markets worldwide, investors everywhere are trying to identify the trends and opportunities which will give them with more returns in the future.

Female-led investor relations firm, The Capital Network (TCN), could be coming up with some answers at  its latest conference – called Emerging ASX Gems – streaming right now. This is a free virtual investment conference live-streaming from today with the directors of TCN – Lelde Smits and Julia Maguire – running the conference so they can share their knowledge.

Celebrating its mission to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, TCN will use the event to introduce ASX-listed companies which are forging new paths in their respective fields. As well as today’s live-streamed conference, you can also tune in at the same time next Friday, 11th November, for a different range of speakers.

Today’s event will feature presentations from over 20 ASX-listed companies from a range of sectors including; transportation, pharmaceuticals, software & services, and materials. The companies will talk about how they’re pursuing emerging trends and ideas to generate shareholder value, with each speaker spending ten minutes addressing a different aspect of this theme by introducing the company they represent, as well as their company’s growth plans.

You can watch the conference so far below:

Female tech leaders on the rise

Although technology has traditionally been a male-dominated sector, women are beginning to gain ground as the gender gap slowly closes.

A recent study by Deloitte Global predicts that large global technology firms will reach nearly 33% overall female representation in their workforce on average in 2022 – up slightly more than two percentage points from 2019.

Deloitte reported: “With a growing body of research suggesting that diverse teams perform better and are more innovative, many technology, media, & telecommunications industry leaders are recognising that diverse workforces and executive teams are good for business.”

From a recenty study by Deloitte Global

Notably, the fastest area of growth is the proportion of women in leadership roles, which will see an estimated gain of 20% between 2019 and 2022.

Tune in to Emerging ASX Gems to hear from female leaders

The Emerging ASX Gems conference will highlight the trends of the future from female leaders of ASX-listed companies including: Liron Fendell, CEO of Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX: NGS), Dr Beata Edling, CEO of TruScreen Group (ASX: TRU), Lisa Wade, CEO of DigitalX (ASX: DCC), and Fleta Solomon, CEO of Little Green Pharma (ASX: LGP).

Each of these companies is using tech in a different way to harness the exciting growth trends of the future.

For example, NGS and TruScreen are focused on healthcare tech while DigitalX and LGP are exploring exciting opportunities in the blockchain and medicinal cannabis spaces respectively.

Commenting on her appointment as CEO of DigitalX in December, Wade, who previously held roles at Citigroup, Bendigo Bank, and National Australian Bank, said she’s pleased to be leading the company as it blazes a path in the blockchain trail.

“I am truly excited to join DigitalX, they have built the foundations and team to lead Australia and the world in the transition to blockchain as a mainstream part of finance, and to be a leader in this new and fast moving financial future that blockchain creates.”

Female-led TCN keen to support other female executives

Seeing the potential for inclusive financial services in Australia, Lelde Smits and Julia Maguire co-founded TCN in 2015.  

Since its inception, TCN has worked with hundreds of ASX-listed and pre-IPO companies including Brickworks (ASX: BKW), BigTinCan (ASX: BTH) and Uniti Group (ASX: UWL).

TCN has also won several awards and was this year selected as a finalist in Business News Australia’s annual Young Entrepreneur’s Awards.

Smits, a former foreign correspondent at New York Stock Exchange, brought her journalistic credentials while Maguire has been able to leverage her extensive capital market contacts accumulated during her work at other investor relations firms.

As Smits says: “Women are on the rise, both as executives and as investors and TCN would like to shine a light on the progress that is being made. We hope that everyone can tune in to our virtual conference and benefit from learning more about emerging trends and ideas.”

Emerging ASX Gems started today at 9am Australia Eastern Standard Time. You can register for free here.

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