Game Changers: Edwina Bartholomew Meets Powerful Steps CEO Tory Archbold

By Women Love Tech
on 14 May 2019

She is one of Australia’s most respected publicists, but that’s not the only string to Tory Archbold’s bow. She is a passionate brand builder who understands success and survival.  She built TORSTAR, a globally recognised communications agency on 3 core values – passion, integrity and delivery.

As a passionate supporter of women and a leader in the corporate world, Tory recently launched Powerful Steps – a platform designed to inspire, encourage and empower others through the different challenges they may face in life.  Focused, connected and with the ability to empower others through her personal journey, she is determined to share how her non-negotiable values have played a pivotal role in attracting and achieving success in her business and personal life.

Tory has always pushed boundaries in the ever-changing landscape of public relations and communications, thinking outside of the box to evolve and transform her successful agency, TORSTAR, into a dynamic powerhouse. Now, through Powerful Steps, she wants to teach other women to also realise their full potential.

Given her own successful entrepreneurial journey, she is perfectly positioned to do just that.

On Game Changers Set
Edwina Bartholomew talks to Powerful Steps CEO and Founder Tory Archbold on the set of Game Changers

Tory grew her business through her own indomitable spirit, coupled with an unrivalled and intimate understanding of Australian and international retail markets.  She forged strong relationships with key media players and built a global network of retail contacts, working alongside CEOs, entrepreneurs, board directors and industry influencers. Through her extraordinary business acumen and storytelling ability Tory has delivered successful campaigns and activations for her client portfolio, which includes global brands, Victoria’s Secret, Sukin, FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore, Adidas, Seafolly and Nespresso, which she is now entering an 11-year partnership with.

Flower by Drew Barrymore
Tory Archbold and her company Torstar helped launch Flower by Drew Barrymore. Drew is seen here with the Editor of Marie Claire Nicky Briger

TORSTAR famously became the first Australian PR and communications agency to launch five international high-street retailers in the Australian market: Zara, Topshop, Next, Shopbop and Forever 21.

In 2011, TORSTAR was the driving force behind the most successful global launch for the world’s number one retail brand, Zara. More than 22,000 people walked through the doors at the store event in Sydney with 80% of stock selling out on the first day of trade.​ But perhaps what is most impressive are the challenges that Tory has overcome out of the spotlight. Behind the glamorous closed doors of TORSTAR, Tory is mum to daughter, Bella. For 12 years she was harassed and intimidated by her ex-partner while remaining professional at work with only a handful of people knowing what she was going through.

In 2013, her appendix burst and she spent five days on life support after contracting septicemia.

Afterwards, the doctor informed Tory that she was lucky to be alive and gave her a six-month recovery period. The near-death experience forced Tory to re-evaluate her life and priorities. She downsized her agency to focus on a handful of key clients and is now determined to pass on her lessons through motivating workshops and public speaking. Her enthralling message of self-belief, resilience and overcoming adversity provides the framework for women who want to achieve their dreams – whatever they may be.

Tory Archbold and Edwina Bartholomew
Tory Archbold and Edwina Bartholomew on Game Changers set

About Powerful Steps

Powerful Steps is a platform offering motivating workshops, mentoring and speaking events with Tory which will ‘inspire, encourage and empower’.

“This platform is about helping all women step into their power. “We should never be afraid of who we are and what we want from our life journey,” says Tory. “When we believe in ourselves the possibilities are endless. By shifting what no longer serves you and bringing you into alignment with the life you are meant to live, you can realise success in the areas that matter most.”

How to take your own Powerful Steps

Through Powerful Steps, Tory will be hosting workshops, mentoring and speaking events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The prime focus is to identify the powerful steps you need to take to transform your life and make your career dreams and goals a reality.

  • Workshops and networking events aimed primarily at the corporate market.
  • Learn how to step into your power by defining a strategy that helps you achieve work/life balance.
  • Why inspirational stories empower people and how mentorship develops growth and delivers personal transformation.
  • Tory will share her tips for success and identifying your strengths, challenges and opportunities.
  • Guests will walk away with a plan of action, designed to empower them to succeed in all areas of their lives.

For help in DV circumstances:  Anyone who is affected by domestic violence should call 1800 737 732 or visit

Tory Archbold
The inspiring Tory Archbold, Powerful Steps CEO

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