Gamer Programmer, Cosplay And STEM Hero, Amie Dd Visits Australia

By Women Love Tech
on 6 June 2018

In a partnership between Hybrid World Adelaide (HWA) and MOD., US game programmer Amie D Dansby (Amie DD) visits Australia where she will be a speaker at Hybrid World Adelaide (HWA) and MOD.

Joining her on the line-up at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 21-22 July is Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell, who will return to deliver a specialist Twitch workshop after a popular appearance last year.

Amie DD is co-founder of ATAT Tech, a robotics, augmented reality and video game development company based in Texas.

She has worked across both PlayStation and Xbox, and has long been a strong advocate for diversity in the technology industry.

Through the National Videogame Museum in Texas, she created a scholarship for girls wanting to focus on science, technology, electronics or mathematics (STEM) studies.

Amie encourages others to experiment and learn by trying, making mistakes, and trying again. It’s a philosophy she lives by, saying “there’s no such thing as failure, only learning experiences”.

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About Hybrid World Adelaide

20 – 24 July, Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia

Launched in 2017, Hybrid World Adelaide is an event that explores what’s next in the technological world. It showcases innovations across business and everyday life, and offers the exciting opportunity to try, discuss, explore, create, enjoy and be surprised by digital technology. Adelaide Film Festival and Hybrid World Adelaide CEO Amanda Duthie is leading the event team, with Creative Directors Robert Tercek and Janet Gaeta. HWA is supported by founding and principal partner Events South Australia. HWA will utilise the ultra-fast internet provided through Adelaide’s participation in the Gig City initiative, and its connection to the US Ignite Network.

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