Get Fit With Peloton’s First Connected Strength Product

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on 6 April 2022

From today, you can get fit from the comfort of your home with Peloton’s first connected strength product. The Peloton Guide is available starting at $$445 AUD.

It makes strength training more fun and is designed to motivate both beginners and experts using machine learning which identifies patterns and makes decisions to enhance your strength class experience.

Members can track their movements and progress, and it easily connects to televisions, providing instant access to a suite of expert Instructors and hundreds of live and on-demand classes from the Peloton’s content library.

“What I love about Peloton Guide is that we can offer strength classes and programs that will empower Members to achieve their personal goals more efficiently,” said Ben Alldis, Peloton Instructor. “We have introduced a number of brilliant features on Peloton Guide that have been uniquely designed so that Members can get stronger from day one.

“Firstly, to achieve a well-rounded fitness routine you need to be training your entire body and not overworking one muscle group.  The Body Activity feature recognises what body parts you have already trained that week and will recommend complementary classes to ensure you get a well-rounded and constructive workout.”

Get Fit With Peloton’s First Connected Strength Product: the Peloton Guide is available starting at $$445 AUD.

 A few highlights about Peloton Guide:

  • Motivation: The features built into Guide are all about keeping you accountable; features like Movement Tracker encourage Members to stick with the movement for the entire time and Body Activity helps you recognise which muscle groups you’ve already worked that week while recommending classes for a well-rounded total body routine to make sure there’s no more skipping leg day.
  • Accountability: With Guide’s Self Modeyou’ll be able to see yourself next to the Instructor and check your form as you go through class. And you’ll also be able to use the Movement Details to look up movements you want more practice with before class.
  • World class content and Instructors: Peloton Guide demystifies strength training with world class Instructors and helps transform the living room into a personalised strength training studio. With this launch comes new programs and class formats specifically created for Peloton Guide outlined in the below.
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  • Floor Bootcamp: Instructors Jess Sims and Selena Samuela are bringing together HIIT cardio and strength. The 12-class program is specifically designed to not only help you get stronger but also increase your endurance. Even better – you don’t need a Bike! Just bring your mat and weights.  
    • Split Programs: A more traditional style of strength training with the option to use heavier weight and the intent to build muscle. The three and five day intermediate and advanced classes will be led by a number of popular Peloton Instructors, who will train specific musical groups on consecutive days while resting the areas you just trained.
    • Strength Roll Call: Your favourite strength Instructors will teach live at the same time every week, Monday to Friday. Everyone who is a Peloton Member can take these classes live and on-demand, but only Members using the Peloton Guide will have access to the Strength Roll Call program!

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