Get Some Life Guidance With TruthBomb App

Victoria Marszalkowski
on 23 October 2015

Need a few words of wisdom or just a ‘sign’ to get you heading in the right direction?

Danielle LaPorte is the gorgeous author of the incredible book The Desire Map – A guide to  creating goals with soul and she has created a wonderfully unique app which can be your personal oracle if you so wish.

Get Some Life Guidance With TruthBomb App

This simple, yet brilliant app is a must for every woman seeking a little guidance or advice for life’s little surprises. Set up your preferred time and receive a new #TruthBomb every day and if what you receive doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head, shake it up until you find something that does!

Sharing these beautiful messages is easy with an inbuilt text, Pin and Instagram option, you can let the whole world know the insight you’ve just received! The simplicity of the app combined with Danielle’s gorgeous handwriting makes it so appealing because it delivers the messages with ease and beauty. As a whole, I feel it definitely has more impact for this reason.

I’ve had so many occasions where the #TruthBomb instigated one of those light bulb moments and definitely put a smile on my face. These messages are so simple but so on point. They can put things into perspective and sometimes it’s surprising how much the message seems to have come ‘from above’ or another place.

The bonus audio collection is something to note – a series of spoken word that will be sure to ignite a gentle fire within and help you pause in reflection. More than just a poem, these insightful tales will leave you with more questions and also more answers. Spoken with such conviction and clarity, Danielle LaPorte puts into words what we’ve always needed to hear.

It’s not often that a phone app can leave you feeling so good! I absolutely adore this app. A daily dose of love or inspiration to keep you motivated, stay positive or realise how special we all are.

This app is available on both Apple for $1.99 and on Google Play for $2.48

Worth every penny I say!

Check out Danielle’s website for loads of other goodies: 

What are some of your personal favourite motivational and inspirational quotes? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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