Get Your Hands On The Stylish Samsung Portable SSD T1

By Frederique Bros
on 14 May 2015

If you are looking for the perfect external hard-drive to save your precious data but not bigger than a business card, don’t look further! Samsung created the most stylish designed portable storage that you can slip in your purse or pocket; the new portable SSD T1. Let’s see in details how this portable storage is designed for speed, security, without sacrificing style.

Get Your Hands On The Stylish Samsung Portable SSD T1


The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is designed to easily operate with compatible computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Built for Speed

Built with some of the same award-winning technology as Samsung’s internal SSDs, the portable SSD T1 has exceptionally fast file transfer speeds due to its fast read/write speeds up to 450 megabytes per second!

Secure, Durable Data Storage

With its intuitive user interface, the Samsung Portable SSD T1 is easy to set up. The drive is embedded with a security system that uses encryption algorithm to help secure data that can be accessed with a single password.

Stylishly Designed for Maximum Portability

The Portable SSD T1 has a slim and compact design that makes it easy to take almost anywhere. Weighing only 30 grams, it features superb aesthetics like the black chrome metal coating and laser patterning, making it a sleek, fashionable choice for sophisticated and stylish users.

Since its global launch the Portable SSD T1 has earned numerous international design awards in overseas markets. This is the perfect external portable storage you need right now.

Pricing and Availability

Available now from Harvey Norman and resellers, the Portable SSD T1 comes with a three-year warranty, and is available in 250GB (RRP $269), 500GB (RRP $429) and 1TB (RRP $799) sizes.

For more information, please visit Samsung website.

IMAGES: Samsung


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