Girl Geek Academy Launch New Games Career Incubator

Women Love Tech
on 15 March 2019

Girl Geek Academy Games Career Incubator is an exciting new collaboration with Film Victoria. To kick off, 25 Victorian women and non-binary games practitioners will get help through the programme in advancing their careers and leadership in the games industry.

The Games Career incubator has been supported by Film Victoria as part of the state screen agency’s wider commitment to career development.

Founded by local games practitioners Sarah Moran and Lisy Kane, and their three cofounders, Girl Geek Academy is now a global movement with an aim of teaching technical skills to one million women by 2025.

Since 2014, more than 10,000 girls, women and non-binary school students and practitioners in the tech and games industry have participated in workshops, intensive weekends, online courses, game jams and meetups run by Girl Geek Academy.

The Games Career Incubator will provide an opportunity for practitioners in the early stages of their careers to come together to upskill and think strategically about their future.

Addressing the unique challenges women and non-binary games practitioners face as they move into employment, the initiative focuses on mentoring and network building, paired with practical training to give participants the skills, knowledge and support they need to maximise their career potential and be considered for senior roles.

Co-founder and award-winning games producer, Lisy Kane, said the program is focused on retaining and accelerating women and non-binary people in the games industry.

“We need more women and non-binary talent in senior games roles, and to make sure they have extended careers we need to be upskilling and working to retain this amazing talent. The group format also ensures our participants go beyond technical skill building, and equally focus on the power of professional networks to ensure career success.”

Film Victoria CEO Caroline Pitcher said: “The Games Career Incubator supports the future growth of a Victorian games industry where women and non-binary practitioners are equal within the industry. We are delighted to partner with Girl Geek Academy to support so many practitioners on their path to success.”

The program will run over four months, combining face-to-face engagement with online activities. Monthly meet ups featuring influential speakers, networking, and one-on-one career sessions will be key, while topics explored across the initiative will range from public speaking to career sustainability.

The Games Career Incubator was developed in response to industry feedback and is the evolution of Film Victoria’s Women in Games program, which supported individual women games practitioners to further their career pathway towards key leadership roles.

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Applications for the Girl Geek Academy Games Career Incubator are open until Monday 8 April 2019, with the program proposed to run between late April and August. Find out more on the Girl Geek Academy website.


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