The Art of Making Friends: GirlCrew Brings Aussie Women Together

By Women Love Tech
on 27 October 2017

Technology has paved way for modern socialization and one of them is dating. There are countless apps available and the most popular is Tinder, but how about making new friends?

GirlCrew, a social network for women to make new friends is launching its app in Melbourne today, October 20th. This social network just started as a Facebook group in Melbourne and now it’s leveraging its game to connect women across boundaries.

GirlCrew App: Bringing Women Together

Unlike other social networking sites, GirlCrew immediately connects women in different cities for a fun hangout, hikes, night outs in the metro, brunches, holidays and a lot more. What’s more awesome to look forward to in their app is that it has an in-built career, entrepreneurship, and personal interest groups. Women are able to share knowledge and advice on everything from restaurant recommendations, makeup tips and etcetera.

The Beginnings

The humble beginnings of GirlCrew can be traced back one Friday night in Ireland by Elva Carri. It was an “AHA moment” for Miss Carri, when all of her girl friends were either busy or tired, she put a call out for some platonic dancing buddies on Tinder and voila! She never thought that it would quickly garner more than 100 enthusiastic matches – and GirlCrew was born.

GirlCrew is co-founded by Elva Carri, Aine Mulloy and Pamela Newenham.

The GirlCrew group in Melbourne currently has more than 3,000 members, before making the move to its own platform.

Leah Simmons, one of the members of the group shared that being part of this community is one of the best things that happened in her life. “I’ve met so many amazing women from all over the world and have made lifelong friends,” she said.

GirlCrew co-founder Pamela Newenham said members can swap advice, give recommendations, chat and plan offline events on the app. “The offline events events are important, as we believe real friendships happen in person.

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