Global Think Test Gives You $25,000 To Play Online Games

How smart are you? What about if I tell tell you to play online games, quizzes and puzzles with the chance to win $25,000! This is not a scam the serious Kaspersky Lab and Mensa are inviting Internet users to take part in a very special challenge over the summer with the help of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Formula One’s most successful racing team Scuderia Ferrari.

Global Think Test Gives You $25,000 To Play Online Games

The Global Think Test is made up of a series of online brain games, quizzes and puzzles, specially created to let participants hone their combination and calculation skills. Personally I did 2 games, 2 puzzles in 3 minutes! Oh my I need to train seriously my brain because I have a record so far of 3 points against the best of 4000 points but it’s fun and really entertaining!

As the online world is increasingly populated with threats, common sense plays an extremely important role. Users need to be able to identify a potentially dangerous situation quickly – and often that means acting contrary to our normal instincts. As social beings, we are led by basic principles such as trust, authority, helpfulness, curiosity and reciprocation, all of which can be abused by cybercriminals. Therefore, we need to train our brains to make the right decisions fast, and Kaspersky Lab has designed the Global Think Test to see if users have what it takes.

The Global Think Test website is packed with all sorts of brain-training games, puzzles and IQ tests to help participants flex their mental muscles. And it also gives everyone the chance to register for our big competition – Global Think Test Day – and win the grand prize.

Global Think Test Gives You $25,000 To Play Online Games

September 6, 2014

is Global Think Test Day, when a worldwide online challenge invites all participants to put their brainpower to the ultimate test and go head-to-head with some of the best brains in the world. The winner of this challenge, the person who gets the highest score in the shortest time, will become the Kaspersky Global Think Test Champion and win the grand prize of US $25,000 in cash. The name of the winner will be announced on September 7, 2014.

The unique content for Global Think Test has been created by world recognized brands

Mensa, the oldest high IQ society in the world, brought intelligence to the platform. Dozens of challenges, brain-teasers and IQ questions were created with the support and accreditation of Mensa and will help to test the participants’ cognitive skills.

Everyone who takes part is guaranteed at least one prize 

All Global Think Test content is in English, but the competition is open to participants all over the world.

Share your best moments on social media with the hashtag #GTT.

To register for the Global Think Test Day visit the website 

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