Go Girl Go World: Tania de Jong brings young women and AI together

By Ruby Feneley
on 7 February 2019

Award winning summit, Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific (Ci2019) will return this April. Hosting over 40 innovators, entrepreneurs and futurists, the summit will focus on how human intelligence can develop alongside artificial intelligence.

Founder and executive producer of Ci2019 Tania de Jong has referred to this development as “human intelligence 2.0”. And she believes it will be essential as we move towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This year de Jong is championing the development of young female innovators with a new series of talks titled Go Girl Go World. The purpose of the talks is to leave young women, ages 15-24, feeling inspired to participate in STEM and other “Human Intelligence 2.0” industries. Ten young female entrepreneurs will receive scholarships worth over $10,000 in recognition of innovative enterprises.

Scroll down to read about the Go Girl Go World keynote speakers, all outstanding female analysts, authors and entrepreneurs in the AI field.

Tania de Jong, Ci2019 Founder and Director
Go Girl Go World Founder and Producer Tania De Jong
Entrepreneur Tania De Jong.

Tania de Jong is an award winning social entrepreneur and global speaker. As the founder of Ci2019 she is a tech innovation catalyst. She is also one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs – over the last three decades she has launched 5 businesses and two charities. These achievements have seen Tania named one of the top 100 Women of Influence and top 100 entrepreneurs in Australia. And to top it all off? She is also a soprano.

Emma Martinho-Truswell, co-founder and COO of Oxford Insights
Go Girl Go World Keynote Speaker Emma
Co-Founder and COO of Oxford Insights, Emma Martinho-Truswell

Emma Martiho-Truswell advises organizations and world leaders on how to prepare for, and benefit from, artificial intelligence. An entrepreneur and business woman who co-founded Oxford Insights, Martinho-Truswell has written for the Harvard Business Review and appears at speaking engagements all over the globe. She has also taught leadership programs for the World Bank, the European Commission and USAID. Additionally, she has provided policy, leadership and change management advice to governments across Asia, Europe, Africa, Mexico. Her masterclass will focus on how AI will change our workplaces, the leadership skills these workplaces will require and how young women can adopt them.

Professor Kathleen Richardson
Go Girl Go World author speaker Kathleen Richardson.
Author and Professor Kathleen Richardson.

Kathleen Richardson is Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robotics and AI at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at De Montford University. Additionally, Richardson holds a PHD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. She is also the author of several non-fiction publications regarding AI. The third of these nonfiction works, “Sex Robots: The End of Love”, is due out in 2019. Richardson’s talk titled “A dystopia in the making?” will focus on the ethical implications of AI, particularly in the commercial sex industry. It will also cover the intersection of gender inequality and AI, an important subject for young women moving into the tech industries.

Go Girl Go World will take place as part of Ci2019 at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins Street, April 1st-3rd. Purchase tickets here.

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