Going On Holiday? Here’s Your Guide To Essential Travel Hacks

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 26 January 2021

Are you heading off somewhere exotic or simply ticking off the days until your next trip? Well, start here by checking you have all the essentials you need for the perfect holiday.  

You may be going on a serious travel trip to capture some epic Insta pictures in the mountains, or heading off with some mates to surf all weekend or simply going for a group getaway to the country. Whilst you’re counting down the days until your adventure begins, make sure you’ve already checked all these travel hack items off your getaway list.

Travel Hack Essentials Everyone Needs:

A super protective phone case – EFM Monaco Wallet Case Armour – RRP $59.95

Monaco Wallet Case Armour is a travel must!
Monaco Wallet Case Armour is a travel must!

Not only will it protect your phone from all those slips and trips (they happen even when you’re sober!) but it also has a flip cover that protects your screen and has three built-in card/cash slots. So you don’t have to carry a phone and a purse with you! More pocket space and freedom to go wherever you please. Plus it comes in five funky colours and has an ultra high impact rating.

Some stylish yet weatherproof shoes – EMU Tenzing Boot – RRP $249.95

The EMU Australia Tenzing Womens Boots
The EMU Australia Tenzing Womens Boots

These stylish and wool-lined boots are made from super durable leather and are waterproof! The perfect hiker boot for your adventures that doesn’t compromise on style over comfort.

Available in black and brown.

Clip-on lenses for your smartphone – Clip lens 3-in-1 lens for Smartphone – Available on Amazon and eBay

Clip on lenses for your smartphone are a travel essential
Clip-on lenses for your smartphone are a travel essential

Save having the trouble or taking your expensive camera with you. This tiny little clip-on gadget can fit in your pocket and is easy to use for when the photographer in you decides to come out. This 3-in-1 clip-on comes with a fisheye, wide angle and macro lens.

A  portable power pack – Belkin MIXIT Power Pack – RRP $39.95

There’s nothing worse than climbing that mountain to get to the viewpoint, ready to take the ultimate Insta pic and…your phone dies. Keep your phone, tablet, and sound system charged with a portable charger. It comes with two USB ports so you can charge your and your friend’s phone at the same time and the charge lasts for days. Ideal if you don’t have a PowerPoint handy.

Travel-friendly sun protection – Sunbrella Invisible Superspray SPF 50+ – RRP $42.00

Sunbrella invisible sun protection from Mecca Cosmetica - Travel friendly size
Sunbrella invisible sun protection from Mecca Cosmetica – Travel-friendly size

What you need is a small and fast solution to sun protection. This invisible Sunbrella spray from Mecca Cosmetica is perfect, it comes in a handy size for fuss-free protection on the go. Suitable for face and body protection anytime anywhere.

Your travel guide – Lonely Planet’s travel books

Wherever you may be going a Lonely Planet guidebook is the ultimate travelling partner! Choose your destination, purchase your book and away you go. It’s filled with travel tips and tricks as well as local guides, emergency services and maps of the area. For all travel information, it covers all you need!

A small compact towel – Sarosha Turkish towel – RRP $34.95

Forget those horrible micro-fibre towels, this stylish 100% natural towel is super-absorbent, dries quickly and is super-light-weight. It also looks stylish on the beach, as a sarong or whatever you use it for, not like those ugly travel ones. It’s also a versatile option – use it as a yoga mat, towel, blanket, sarong or beach mat.

Face-friendly wipes – WotNot facial wipes with travel case and mirror – RRP $12.99

Everyone knows that the face wipe is one of the best travel must-haves. No need for face washes and perfect for when you need a quick refresh or makeup removal, they’re the perfect handy little friend. WotNot are the ultimate beauty travel companion, their wipes are made from 100% organic goodness which doesn’t dry your skin out like a lot of face wipes do. They also come in a handy travel case to keep them from drying out with a compact mirror included. Suitable for travel and stress-free skin.

Happy travels.

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