Google Drone Project Will Deliver Flying Burritos Across Australia

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on 25 October 2017

Google Alphabet’s Project Wing is expanding its testing by making fast food delivery even more faster! The Google drones will drop burritos into people’s yards in Australia.

Last year, Alphabet’s Project Wing started its delivery in Virginia. Now, they are testing their drones in Australia that can deliver food and medicine to backyards.

The company announced that it will start its drone delivery in Australia’s countryside. In partnership with Mexican food, Guzman y Gomez, and medicines from Chemist Warehouse pharmacies, the drone delivery will start in rural areas on the border of the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

Video Credit: Guzman y Gomez Youtube Channel

Project Wing: Drone Deliveries at Your Service

Project Wing, which is run by Google parent Alphabet’s innovation lab, X, hopes the trials will help to fine-tune how its drones move goods from where they’re located to where they’re needed.

Video Credit: X, The Moonshot Factory

As aforementioned, its first drone delivery started in Virginia in partnership with Chipotle, at Virginia Tech University. But the challenge here is how they can program the drones to navigate smoothly and safely amidst thick trees, fences, sheds and power lines.

According to James Ryan Burgess, one of Project Wing’s managers, this is a new feat for them and flying goods right into the yards is a great deal and more complicated than navigating in an open field, referring to the Virginia Tech University.

Drone Delivery Initiatives

The drone delivery project can now deliver products almost anywhere, whether it’s backyards, public parks or farmlands.

Mr Burgess also added, “We have to incorporate customer preferences — e.g. many of our testers would like packages delivered to backyards so they’re not visible from the road, or near kitchens so food items can be unpacked quickly. ‘And we have to be ready to accommodate changing conditions at the delivery location.”

Doing this in Australia is the newest endeavour of the firm and the latest move in the drone delivery race nudging heating up among big brands. Innovative drone projects like this are also in the works in Rwanda, Tanzania and Rejkavik in Iceland.

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