Google Maps to Include Indigenous Place Names

Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 28 September 2021

With the announcement that Queensland’s Fraser Island was to be renamed K’gari, I was keen to update Google Maps. The local Butchulla people celebrated the name change which aptly means paradise.

It’s great to see Australia Post has added an extra line on packaging and envelopes for the Indigenous place name.

google maps
Google Maps

The push is on to be able to add traditional place names to driver’s licences, government records, signage and more. The indigenous people have been an integral part in our country’s history. It’s incredibly important that we capture and continue to use the First Nation’s language and words before they are lost forever.

There are a couple of indigenous maps you can refer to. Please note there’s some disagreement about certain areas, as the boundary lines have changed over time and may overlap. So, it’s important that we seek consultation from our local indigenous people about these changes.

It would be great to see the AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia hung up in workplaces.

What Does a Google Local Guide Do?

As a local guide and contributor for Google Maps, I am able to upload images and videos. I can add new venues and suggest edits to existing venues (pending moderation).

Did you know you can also flag images for a number of reasons? You can help Google by reporting content that may be in violation of their User Contributed Content Policy. This includes offensive, hateful or sexually explicit reasons, legal issues, privacy concerns, poor quality, note a photo of the place or other.

Google Maps says ‘As you help other people, you earn points for each contribution and get closer to the next level’

It’s been difficult to explore my country with the strict restrictions on travel. Despite these, I’m half way through Level 8. Each Local Guide level becomes harder and harder, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to the next level this year.

You can earn badges for your photography, reviewing, filming and being a trailblazer and fact-finder. Your Google account will show a list of the number of your contributions.


It would be great to see an additional line on Google Maps where Local Guides can add traditional place names. I’d love to be able to read the indigenous traditional place names on Google Maps, Apple Maps etc. throughout the world.


Australia Post’s Addressing guidelines

AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia

Campaign for Place Names in Addresses

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