Google Wallet Allows You to Send Money via Gmail

By Frederique Bros
on 4 June 2013

I am always amazed how Google and Gmail are moving ahead. It’s almost a ‘big new techno announcement’ each month! Hard to keep up but yet… very exciting. This time (not yet available in Australia), in the US, you can send money with your Gmail account. A new tab is integrated in your email: Google Wallet – no fees just a click and transfer your money. 

The recipient doesn’t have to have a Gmail address and you can receive money as well. You can also pay using your credit and debit cards for a fee of 2.9% per transaction (minimum $0.30.) Google claims the transactions are encrypted and stored on secure servers. Transactions are also monitored to preempt fraudulent activity. Google Wallet Purchase Protection also covers 100% of “eligible unauthorized transactions.”

I think this is going to take over PayPal, knowing that your account PayPal is only secured with one password. The double security for Gmail is already a stronger choice.

Send Money via Gmail

Google Wallet is now integrated into Gmail. This means you can securely send money to friends and family in the U.S. – without leaving your Gmail inbox.

This feature will be rolling out to Gmail users ages 18+ in the U.S. over the next few months. Look for the $ icon in your attachment options. You can also get earlier access if your friends have the feature and send money to you.

Google Wallet is Free

It’s free to send money from your Google Wallet Balance or directly from your bank account. You can also pay with your credit and debit cards for a low fee of 2.9% per transaction (minimum $0.30). Receiving money is always free.

More ways to send and receive money

If you don’t have Gmail, you can still send money by clicking the “send money” button in Google Wallet. You can also send and receive money on your phone, and manage your payment methods at

Google Wallet is a safer way to send money

When you use Google Wallet, your financial information is safely encrypted and stored on secure servers, and all transactions are monitored 24/7 to prevent fraudulent activity. In addition, Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers 100% of eligible unauthorized transactions, and our customer service team will help resolve any questions you might have.

Sign up for a free Google Wallet: a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online.

  • Make fast and secure purchases on thousands of websites.
  • Buy music, apps, books and more in the Google Play store.
  • Shop and save in-store with the Google Wallet mobile app.
  • Wallet uses advanced encryption to keep your information safe.

Carry less, save more

Store all your credit and debit cards, offers and more in Google Wallet. Access them anytime right from your smartphone.

Buy in stores

Tap and pay with Google Wallet anywhere contact less payments are accepted.

Buy online

Buy on your favorite mobile apps and sites in as few as two clicks.

Shop with confidence

24/7 fraud monitoring. Instant transaction notifications. Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers 100% of eligible unauthorised Google Wallet transactions.

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