Review: Gran Turismo Sport Game

By Women Love Tech
on 9 October 2017

Gran Turismo Sport is Polyphony’s latest iteration of their Gran Turismo series, incorporating a variety of race modes, locations, and cars to form the ultimate racing simulation.

With the upcoming release of Gran Turismo Sport, Women Love Tech received exclusive access to this hotly anticipated game. The very fitting venue for this preview, the Classic Throttle Shop in North Sydney, showcased a collection of pristine rare cars, setting the tone for this immersive experience.

After two hours of hands-on time with the game, we left the venue overwhelmed by Gran Turismo’s extreme realism and the game’s very visceral experience.

The game’s compatibility with PlayStation Virtual Reality made for a surreal and unique exploration of the driving simulation genre. It really feels like technology has come so far in just a few years. If you haven’t tried VR, it’s truly a life-changing experience and Gran Turismo is at the forefront of this revolutionary new platform. Being able to just look around and see yourself in a car while your hands move a virtual steering wheel is such an unfamiliar, bizarre yet extraordinary thing to do. If there is anything to break down the stereotype that gaming is just for men, this is it.

The developers from Polyphony have set new standards within the racing genre through their Gran Turismo titles, and GT Sport is no exception. The game demonstrates the team’s mastery of both hardware and software to form an experience so realistic, it’s a little unsettling. Our hands-on encounter revealed the extent of the Polyphony’s dedication to realism. The incorporation of high dynamic range (HDR), photo-realistic scenery and over 150 of the most desired cars in automotive culture illustrates this commitment.

Alongside GT Sport’s technical innovations, the game has progressed the credibility of e-Sports by attaining FIA-Certification for their online Championships. Allowing racers to compete on behalf of their home country or car manufacturer; taking matchmaking to an entirely new level across multiple class divisions and 19 locations around the world. The multitude of features the game has to offer is more than enough to justify its purchase, as well as a chance to become legends within the online motorsport realm.

Gran Turismo Sport will be released on PlayStation 4, and compatible with PlayStation Virtual Reality headset, on the 18th October. PlayStation is also offering for a limited time only at selected retailers, the PS4 1TB Limited Edition ‘GT Sport’ Console. Visit PlayStation’s website for more details.

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