Group Video Calls On Facebook Messenger Just Got Easier

By Women Love Tech
on 21 February 2018

The increasing popularity of video chats was evident at the end of last year, with over 17 billion video chats being made on Facebook Messenger – this was twice the number of video calls made in the previous year. Now, Messenger aims to make 2018 the year of GROUP video chats.

Starting today, Facebook will release an update on Messenger that will make it even easier to hold group video calls.  

With Messenger, people can video chat with up to 50 different people at once. And as of today, it is going to be easier to make group video calls by adding people to an ongoing video chat without ending a call and starting a new thread.

Currently, to turn a one-on-one video or audio chat into a group chat, you have to hang up, start a new conversation from your inbox – either by creating an entirely new message or by searching for an old one – and then turn that conversation into a call. But with this new feature, you can simply turn a one-on-one video chat or voice call into a group call – without having to interrupt the conversation.

 Below are the steps to the new way to add someone to an existing video chat:

  • Start a video call on Messenger
  • Once in a 1:1 video call, tap the screen. You’ll see a new icon now which represents adding another person. Tap on that icon
  • While still connected to the video chat, a menu will overlay the video chat, allowing you to add others to the video call
  • After inviting others you can return to your conversation

In 2018, Messenger is betting on group video calls, and Australia is key for the platform with more than 13 million people connecting on Messenger every month – that’s more than half of Australia’s population.


While in a video chat or on a voice call, tap the screen and select the “add person” icon, and then choose who you want to join. It’s as easy as that! And of course, all your favourite filters and effects are still available, too. Plus, after the chat ends, keep the conversation going in the automatically created group chat in your inbox.

With the ability to add more people seamlessly to your calls, you can continue your conversation in the moment, just like if you were together in real life. Never again worry about skipping a beat when sharing your BFF’s spontaneous karaoke performance on Messenger. Sharing moments like these is now a few quick taps away.

Download the latest version of Messenger to try it out.

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