Gumtree Reveals 7 Biggest Car Innovations In 2018

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on 20 September 2018

The evolution of car tech has been a central talking point of 2018, with the likes of Elon Musk and driverless vehicles grabbing headlines around the globe. Car tech is in a state of flux. Self-parking vehicles and electric engines are already a reality in many parts of the world, but there are many other clever innovations coming down the pipe in the automotive world.

Gumtree Cars spokesperson, Allanah Poole, shares her top seven trends to look out for.

  1. Battery-powered cars are no longer a childhood play toy. Researchers are testing polymer fiber and carbon resin door panels which could store power and be capable of fast recharge. This would significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle.
  2. High-tech security systems are becoming the way forward for car manufacturers. Now we live in the day and age of computer hacks and data breaches, sophisticated cloud security systems to protect consumers’ data are now becoming an essential feature car manufacturers are looking to incorporate in new cars. Manufacturers are using artificial intelligence to develop ‘live’ protection from hacking or viruses which could affect the vehicle’s security or performance.
  3. Never lose your car keys again as developers have started creating wristbands that can act as a replacement for your keys. Jaguar has already emerged as a front-runner in this market with their Activity Key.
  4. The wristbands of the future will open the car door by tapping the wristband against the side of the car, and the car will automatically lock as it senses the wristband wearer walking away. In theory, the wristbands will be waterproof allowing car owners to go for a swim at the beach or take a shower at the gym without having to take their keys with them.
  5. Each passenger listening to their own music as developers are on the verge of a technological breakthrough that will allow different sections of the car to listen to different music. The days of arguing over the radio channel or choice of music could be history, as Hyundai’s Next-generation Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology, will enable each passenger of a vehicle to experience an audio stream tailored to their individual needs.
  6. Augmented reality overlays digital data on real-world scenes, whether through glasses or windows and is viewed as much more achievable and user-friendly than developing virtual reality headsets. Hyundai is amongst several manufacturers that are providing downloadable 3-D driving experiences and ‘How-To’ features.
  7. In-car entertainment has become a huge priority for manufacturers, who are in the race to find the big innovation after driverless cars take off. A self-drive vehicle frees the driver to connect with friends and family, or watch entertainment, so expect to see enhanced in-car live streaming capabilities, upgraded TV screens, and bespoke music systems. Intel has recently announced a collaboration with Warner Brothers to make an entertainment system that will keep occupants of autonomous cars amused with augmented-reality visions.
  8. Solar-powered windscreens may be a distant dream for eco-conscious citizens looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Experts are working hard to create a special car glass that will enable the vehicle to be powered by the sun.

Gumtree Cars spokesperson, Allanah Poole

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