Hair Romance with Christina Butcher

By Frederique Bros
on 8 October 2020

Let’s focus on beautiful hair. Christina Butcher has the perfect hair, thick, and long! If you are looking for a new hairstyle or want to know how to braid your hair, Hair Romance is the perfect blog for you.

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

I don’t have a linear career path. I’ve worked in lots of industries from photography, interior decorating, retail design and property but my passion for photography is what was the driving force behind my blogging success. That and I can’t stop talking about great finds and sharing advice.

Tell us about how your blog came to be

In my previous job, I was always asked how I did my hair. A colleague suggested I start a daily blog and that was from where the idea grew. I workshopped the idea with a friend, who was also my hairdresser, and Hair Romance was born. I started with the goal of sharing simple and easy styling tips to help women love their hair and have more fun with their looks.

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What makes you aim your blog at women?

Hair Romance is a beauty site so it’s really aimed at women. I do have some male readers but they are mainly professional hairdressers.
With Hair Romance, I wanted to create a positive and inclusive beauty space online, and I think this is what attracts my readers.

Did you meet with any major technological problems when you were creating your business?

I first started my blog on Blogger and made the move to self-hosted WordPress after about a year. I realised early on that I needed to move and tried to teach myself how to do it but 6 months later I paid a designer, and it was so much easier. I think it’s great to know how something works, but you don’t need to do every step yourself. You will save yourself a lot of time by outsourcing to an IT or coding expert.

Would you call yourself a tech-savvy woman? If so, why?

I think I’m fairly tech-savvy now but it’s all self-taught and in a short time. I can’t live without technology now. I had a week without my phone and I found it really difficult because I run my business from my mobile on the go.

Instagram's 10th birthday

Name 3 apps that you can’t live without.

Instagram, Feedly and WordPress.

How do think technology is going to change women’s lives?

It should simplify it, but I still find myself wanting more gadgets rather than fewer. I love the convenience that mobile technology brings, and that I can work wherever I want.

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