Happy 15th Birthday Facebook: Here’s 15 Features You Didn’t Know About

By Women Love Tech
on 4 February 2019

The change Facebook has brought to the world is almost unfathomable. Today, the juggernaut tech company turns 15 years old and to celebrate Women Love Tech is showcasing 15 tools and features that Facebook has which you probably don’t know about. The aim here is to help improve your organisational skills tenfold.

  1. Facebook’s Collection tool is perfect for those that find the process of gift giving and receiving to be a strenuous, and sometimes painful, task. Collection lets you create a gift guide featuring all of the best brands you follow, then easily share it with your family and friends.
  2. Keeping with the theme of gift giving anxieties, Facebook Marketplace means the selection process can occur all within the safety of your own home. Powered by AI to help you buy and sell faster, the variety is enormous, with listings ranging from cars to finding home service professionals.
  3. To help users manage their time on Facebook, Your Time, provides a dashboard showing average time spent on the app. The dashboard also includes an option to set daily reminders to alert yourself when you’ve reached a specified amount.
  4. For when you’ve fallen out with a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/(un)significant other but it doesn’t quite warrant a delete: Keyword Snooze, will keep them out of sight (and out of mind) for 30 days while your heart heals. Located in a post’s upper right-hand menu in News Feed, the feature gives people the option to temporarily hide posts from the person, Page or Group featured in the post.
  5. More than 200 million people on Facebook join Groups, connecting through passions and using them to share practical advice and information. Group admins can now take their groups to the next level and create Mentorship programs within their Groups in order to help members achieve their goals.
  6. Are you suffering from a series case of post festive season blues? Research shows taking time out to reflect on memories has a positive impact on your mood and overall well-being, which is why Memories on Facebook are now
  7. Looking for jobs can be a slog and a half when trawling through job application websites. With Jobs on Facebook, you can focus all your attention in one place.
  8. For when you’re feeling particularly productive, Learn with Facebook is a career development site which gives you the low down on all the soft and hard skills needed to get ahead in today’s digital workforce.
  9. Elevate the banter in your Group chats with Video Chat AR games in Messenger. If you have the latest version of Messenger, you can play up to six people at a time, around the world.
  10. Got a cause you feel passionately about? Now the Australian Facebook community can create Facebook Fundraisers on the platform for over 100,000 Australian based charities. This is enabled by Facebook’s partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund.
  11. Sometimes the right words to fit your mood, feeling, or personality can be hard to find. Enter Music on Facebook Stories. This fun tool lets users add songs to their stories.
  12. When nothing will appease you except a lip sync, Facebook has you covered. Lip Sync Live now features lyrics and a larger repertoire of songs since expanding to artists and creators Pages.
  13. As the silly season draws to a close, Facebook Watch, is the party pause your body desperately needs. Watch is home to a range of Facebook Originals which will satisfy any content cravings from humour to insight to creativity.
  14. Afraid of missing out on content from your mates? Try See First. When you select a person or Page to see first, their posts appear at the top of News Feed – but they won’t know you selected them.
  15. Want to see updates on your feed as they happen IRL? Try changing your News Feed to chronological order. You can view posts by most recent, but remember, News Feed will eventually return to its default setting.
  16. BONUS: Forget one-dimensional photos. Facebook 360 Photos lets you share an immersive view of your world by taking a 360 degree panorama.


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