Headspace Podcast Sunday Scaries On Spotify To Reduce Anxiety

Emeric Brard
on August 31, 2021

Headspace and Spotify have collaborated to release a new podcast series, Sunday Scaries, to help people combat the anxiety commonly felt on Sunday afternoons before an upcoming week. 

This micro-series, hosted by Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Dora Kamau, will consist of 12 episodes lasting 7-9 minutes each and will aim to ease listeners who feel anxiety, usually on Sunday afternoons, as the week ahead looms over them.

“Through Headspace, we’ve noticed that Sunday afternoons can be a time of particularly heightened anxiety and fearfulness about the week ahead,” said Emma Nemtin, Director of Partnerships at Headspace.

Dora Kamau
Dora Kamau, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher (Photo credit: Bliss Your Heart)

In each episode, Dora will delve into the anxious feeling that listeners get before the week to come. As a registered psychiatric nurse, self-care and wellness artist, she helps to reframe these thoughts through her breathing and mindfulness exercises and techniques.

How can Sunday Scaries help?

It is scientifically backed that mindfulness can have a positive impact on mental health. Mindfulness is a form of self-care, and in this series, Dora will guide listeners through a number of mini-meditations that can help achieve a state of calm.

In fact, research has shown that just 10 days of Headspace can decrease stress by 14%.

“With the world slowly returning back to normal, there is heightened angst surrounding going back to the office or being back on campus. This is causing young professionals and students to experience ‘Sunday Scaries’ each week and while some have their own ways of preparing for the week ahead, many don’t know where to start,” said Dora Kamau.

Sunday Scaries, a collaboration between Headspace and Spotify will be available for free, only on Spotify. To give you an idea of what Sunday Scaries is like, you can watch the trailer below:

Every episode will be released weekly every Sunday. The first episode is already out and can be listened to here.

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