Hello May: A New Kind Of Bridal Blog

Frederique Bros
on 1 July 2020

I love meeting up with new inspiring, strong and entrepreneur women bloggers. This week, I’ve met with Sophie Lord from Hello May: A new kind of bridal blog.

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

I studied photography and graphic designs and have worked in magazines for the duration of my career (12 years and counting) I’ve redesigned and art directed nationally circulated magazines in the youth, music, fashion and women’s interests sectors and in 2012 launched my own magazine, Hello May, a wedding magazine for the non-bridal bride.

Tell us about your blog, Hello May?

I own a stationery design business called Daisy & Jack and I could never find a suitable home to advertise. Everything was either too cheesy, too high brow or way too overpriced. Hello May was created to provide advertisers with a quality destination to promote their products and services at a reasonable price and to provide creative couples and brides and grooms to be with a place they could come to find these vendors.

Why aim your blog at women?

9 times out of 10 its the ladies who plan the wedding, so our blog is mainly focused on them and their needs however we like to think our magazine is very bloke friendly.

Have you met some major technology problem when you were creating your business?

We had a horrible experience with our first web developer. They took 3 months to build our site, didn’t finish it properly and the whole thing was a mess. We have since signed on with Lettuce Creative and they have been amazing from the word go. They redesigned our entire site and had everything functioning perfectly in a matter of weeks. After our first experience I can not stress enough the importance of investing in a decent web developer.

Would you call yourself a techno-savvy woman? and why?

I’d like to think i have a good understanding of the technologies out there, but it feels like there is a new app, system or program launched every day so it can be a little hard to keep up sometimes. We utilise social media a lot to engage with our readers. Hello May has a Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account all of which drive traffic to our site and in turn our advertiser’s sites.

Name 3 apps that you can’t live without.

WordPress App for blogging updates, instagram for sharing our comps and news with our readers and dropbox for easy file transfer.

How do think technology is going to change women’s lives?

I think it will just allow us to become even more time savvy, all of a sudden with the touch of a button we can do our banking, promote our business and upload new content to our site… It’s multi tasking at it’s best!

Thank you Sophie and all the best with your beautiful Hello May website.

About Hello May

Hello May is the brainchild of Editor Sophie Lord. The creation of Hello May came about for one very simple reason. There’s a hell of a lot of awesomely talented and insanely creative people out there working to make the quirks of your wedding day every bit as unique, fun, and inspiring as you imagine it to be – we wanted to connect all those wonderful wedding vendors with inspired brides and grooms-to-be.

You see, while there are plenty of bridal magazines and websites to be found, we felt none quite connected wedding vendors and brides-to-be so that you can really get to know (and like!) the photographer, stylists, stationery designer or makeup artist involved in the intricacies of your day. That’s where Hello May comes to the party. https://hellomay.com.au/

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