Help! My TikTok Video is Blocked

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 13 February 2022

I had more free time while I was working remotely, so I started experimenting with a new TikTok account.

I aimed to create at least one video each day as a way to improve my editing and video skills. I filmed the videos on my iPad and used Canva to create graphic cards, then edited them directly within TikTok.

Within a week one of my videos had 500 views. Within two weeks I was close to 100 followers and several videos reaching over 2000 views each. No money was paid on advertising. I was surprised at how quickly they were growing organically.  

However, I hit a snag when one of my videos had been pulled straight away.

The TikTok message said: System notification: A video you posted on <date> has been removed for violating our Community Guidelines. Please observe these guidelines to help us maintain a safe, respectful TikTok community.

A follow-up message warned me: Repeated violations of our Community Guidelines could result in being temporarily blocked from some features or permanently banned from TikTok. We ask all users follow our Community Guidelines to help us maintain a safe, respectful TikTok community.

I showed my husband what I’d posted and he thought the image had been automatically detected due to nudity (and percentage of skin colour). Yes, it was a drawing of a nude, but more of what I’d consider art that would happily hang in any museum. We both thought the image was tasteful, not pornographic.

So, I had no hesitation in appealing the ban. And, I really had nothing to lose.

The same day I received some positive news. My video appeal had been accepted and my video had been restored.

The TikTok message said: Your video appeal result: Thanks for your appeal. Our policy team has reviewed your video, and has restored it. We appreciate your patience and contributions to our community.

I have found other social media platforms block and remove posts without any warning. I’ve heard of Facebook accounts being blocked for unknown reasons and zero correspondence back on the process of remediation or appeal. These heavy-handed censorship methods are one of the reasons I use these older platforms less, and I’m now spending more time on different ones.

I found the way TikTok handled this issue was mature, transparent and reassuring.

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