Here’s What 1.3 Billion of People are Doing in Messenger

By Women Love Tech
on 19 September 2017

One of the global tech trends that made a huge wave in 2017 is Facebook Messenger. Facebook is always up in their game in giving their users the best of chat or mobile messenger experience.

More than just an app: Hitting a New Milestone

In this current update, Facebook Messenger gets an overhaul. Facebook announced that Messenger is more than just a texting app – it’ll take care from giving the users recommendations, setting up a schedule, bills and many more!

What’s Hot in Messenger? New Features and Updates

From the last Facebook F8 2017 Conference, David Marcus, Messenger’s Product Manager announced that more than a hundred thousand developers have signed up to join and worked on the app.

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We’ve done some digging and found some Messenger features that gets our attention and that we think are useful for you. Check these out below!

Video Chat

Group video calls and chat is even more fun with Messenger! Animated GIFS, filters, masks and effects, and the ability to take screenshot are available. These features allow users to express themselves freely.

  • Filters: For those days when good lighting is never enough, you can choose from a variety of filters to help you look and feel your best.
  • Express yourself: Throw on a flower crown or bunny mask while video chatting. We also added animated effects, like falling hearts and twinkling stars, to give your video chats expressive flair.
  • FOMO!: Take a screenshot of your video chat by tapping the camera icon, which will then save the image to your camera roll.

Play more games and challenge your friends

Invite your friend to a game challenge and play turn-by-turn. Just tap on the game console icon and you’ll be given a list of games to choose from. Some of the games can be played as a single player and other as multiplayer.

Birthday Reminders

Forgetting a friend’s birthday? Worry no more! Messenger gives users notification who among the friend’s list is or are having birthdays. If you’re chatting with someone and happens to be their birthday, Messenger’s AI assistant will show you a friendly reminder and offer you to send them something special – birthday stickers, gifs or videos with effects.

Video Call Suggestion

Thanks to Messenger’s AI – if someone chats you to call them, the Messenger automatically suggest to you to tap and start a call without any hassle.

Spotify Group Playlist

Because Spotify has partnered with Facebook Messenger, it’s now easy to share your playlist with your group in your conversation. Just tap the blue plus (+) icon and select the Spotify chat extension. It’s so easy to share during parties, road trips or even collecting everyone’s favorite songs into one place.

Isn’t it amazing how Facebook Messenger offered these great perks to their users? It truly is a milestone and we’re likely to see even more features arriving in the future.

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