You’ll Never Guess What The New Favourite Emoji Is And What’s Been Dropped

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 17 July 2023

To celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17, Facemoji Keyboard—the world’s first content-creation keyboard (Android and iOS)—gives a peek into the trendiest emoji of the year in its annual Global State of Emoji Report

Compiled using anonymous global Facemoji user data, the report highlights the most used emoji across different apps and countries and showcases how users are creatively using them. 😜

World Emoji Day

Key findings from the report reveal: 

  • There’s a New Favorite in Town – 😭 dethroned 😂 as the No. 1 most-used emoji globally!
  • The Gold Medal Heard Around the World – Lionel Messi finally winning gold in the 2022 World Cup was a moment felt around the world, and it pushed Argentina’s flag to the top 20 emoji globally. 
  • TikTok and Twitter Trendsetters – These users are most likely to add flair to their texts by using special emoji such as ٩😂۶
  • No Fear of Tears – all apps surveyed had an emoji featuring tears as their top emoji such as 😭, 🤣 and 😂.
  • Hearts out to Hinge – Hinge was the only dating app to not have a ❤️ emoji in its top 10 emoji. 
world emoji day 2

In a world of digital natives, the report also found new user trends such as Emoji stickers and Emoji text art. 

world emoji day winner
World Emoji Day winner

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