We Heart Hinge’s Newest Feature

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 1 May 2024

Finding love online has become increasingly common. But not always increasingly fun. In fact, with the rise of online harassment and unwanted interactions, many individuals find themselves navigating through a sea of negativity on dating apps. Recognising this challenge, last week dating app Hinge introduced a groundbreaking feature called Hidden Words. Offering users the power to curate their dating experience like never before.

Hidden Words enables users to filter out words, phrases and emojis they deem undesirable from incoming Likes with Comments. This innovative tool, a first of its kind among dating apps, empowers users to customise their interactions, fostering a safer and more positive environment for all. And, it’s proven so popular that TikTok has already uncovered a genius new use for it . With some daters also using it to filter out their unique beige flags. Like this TikToker who draws the line at offers for Sunday walking dates or football small talk over a roast.

With research underscoring the importance of feeling safe and respected in online spaces, particularly for marginalised groups, Hidden Words addresses this need. By providing users with the means to preemptively block potentially harmful content, mitigating the risk of negative interactions and promoting confidence in the dating process.

The mechanics of Hidden Words are simple yet effective. Users compile a personalised list of words or phrases they wish to filter out from incoming comments. Likes accompanied by comments containing these flagged terms are discreetly separated from the user’s main feed. Allowing for individual review or deletion without opening the message. Furthermore, users can continually refine their Hidden Words list, ensuring their boundaries are always respected.

Hinge Hidden Words

Jeff Dunn, Hinge’s VP of Trust & Safety, emphasises the platform’s commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive community. “At Hinge, we believe in creating an environment where everyone can feel safe and respected,” Dunn states. “With the launch of Hidden Words, we are living by our mission to become the most trusted dating app. This feature is about giving daters the ability to define their boundaries, enhancing their confidence in the process.”

The introduction of Hidden Words aligns with Hinge’s ongoing efforts to prioritise user safety and empowerment. Features like Selfie Verification provide additional layers of security, while initiatives aimed at supporting marginalised communities underscore the platform’s commitment to inclusivity.

Licensed therapist and Hinge’s Love & Connection Expert, Moe Ari Brown, emphasises the significance of giving users full control over their dating experience. “This safety feature is unique because it allows each dater to choose what they find offensive,” Brown explains. “Giving daters this choice puts the control in their hands to determine what is or isn’t harmful content to them. Hopefully leading to more positivity in their dating journey overall.”

Beyond enhancing safety, Hidden Words enables users to focus on messages aligned with their dating goals. By filtering out unwanted interactions, individuals can devote their attention to meaningful connections, reducing the likelihood of feeling discouraged or burnt out by negative experiences.

For those considering implementing Hidden Words, Brown offers practical advice. “Spend time identifying words and phrases that you find harmful,” Brown suggests. “Don’t worry about being too restrictive. Even if a word or phrase on your list has a double meaning, it’s better to add it and review your hidden likes later.”

Ultimately, Hinge’s Hidden Words feature represents a significant step forward in empowering users to shape their online dating experience according to their preferences and boundaries. By prioritising safety, inclusivity and individual agency, Hinge continues to redefine the standards for online dating platforms. And foster a community with nothing to hide!

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