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Hollywood Actress Drew Barrymore Ended My PR Career

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore so inspired Tory Archbold she ended her PR career and launched Powerful Steps. Here, she shares her story.

I was watching her onstage at an event I’d organised. Drew was talking surviving tough times and I thought, ‘lady, I see you and raise you five. You know what, I’m done.’ And I was. I gave up PR. I had worked with all of the brands, celebrities and influencers on my bucket list—Megan Gale, Zara, Nespresso, Victoria’s Secret—and the best way to go out is always on top.

Tory Archbold, Powerful Steps

The other thing was that while I was getting everyone else’s message out there via my agency Torstar, I had my own story to tell. I started Torstar in my twenties and built a fabulous life as a single mum running a global business. I had a team of 22 including two executive assistants. Then a near-death experience and ten years of being stalked gave me a fresh perspective. I wanted a life with more purpose. It was time to reshape my story.

Goodbye, sparkly PR world. I stripped things back and put myself and my daughter first. I put my health first. I found happiness, positivity, emotional flexibility. I found love (yes, I was a first-time bride in my 40s—so glad I waited.)

I found me. I used my forward momentum and founded Powerful Steps in 2019.

Tory Archbold, Powerful Steps CEO

Now my goal is for everyone to find their best self and learn what I’ve learned. And as a successful entrepreneur and business coach who knows you can take what the world throws at you and turn it into your superpower, I can show you how.

These days, as CEO of Powerful Steps, my mission is to share my toolkit with high-octane businesswomen and plot their personal roadmap to success. I reshape your brands, businesses and lives using the proven strategies I’ve developed over two decades.

In early 2021, my focus is on Powerful Steps’ exclusive Business Attraction Program. I’ll share the same brand expertise I used to nurture the world’s top-performing brands. It’s for C suite women who want to take their business to the next level, or the entrepreneur going it on her own who needs a wing woman. I’ll show you the formula to find your purpose and live your dreams.

I could go on but really all you need to know is next time you run into one of my clients they will vouch for me. And Drew too. We are both on a mission to shine a light for others and I look forward to giving her a big hug as since that day both our dreams became reality.  She got her talk show and I received the opportunity to step up and help others.

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