How Australian Women Use Social Media Differently To Men

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on 16 November 2016

According to the annual Sensis 2016 Social Media Report, Australian women are using social media differently to Australian men

You cannot ignore the facts, 87% of Australian’s access the internet daily and three quarters of Australians are using social media. Females, especially those under 40, love social networking sites. Just over half of the women surveyed use social media at least once a day.

Evening is the most popular time of day to access social media, but men are twice as likely to check their accounts while at work, at lunchtime and during breaks.

The top seven social networking sites Australians are using are Facebook (95%), Instagram (31%), LinkedIn (24%), Snapchat (22%), Twitter (19%), Pinterest (11%), and Google+ (10%). Snapchat and Instagram are growing in popularity. Pinterest is more popular with females, whereas males tend to use Twitter and Snapchat more.

A staggering 97% of Australian women use Facebook, by gender they are more likely to nominate it as their favourite platform, the main reason being that friends and family use it.

woman on computer

 Australians love Facebook so much, a typical user is spending more than twelve and a half hours per week on the platform. Just over a third of women surveyed felt they spent too much time on social networking.

97% of Australian females are accessing social media from home, followed by 26% at work, with public transport coming in third. Women can be found interacting in the lounge, living room, bedroom, study and kitchen.

More women than men check-in to social networks while watching television.

Australians own on average three Internet-enabled devices. Although more men own smartphones, women are more likely to own a tablet.

Women are slightly ahead of men when it comes to embracing wearable devices like Apple Watches or Fitbits.

Social media app icons on a smart phone

For the first time, smartphones are the most popular mobile device. This trend reflects the importance of ensuring your company’s website is mobile friendly. Google has announced it will create separate mobile and desktop search indexes, reflecting this worldwide trend.

Around one third of social media users in Australia follow businesses or brands. This trend highlights the importance of having an online presence.

Consumers want to see discounts, giveaways and exclusive offers. Four in ten will inspect a brand’s social media presence before making an online purchase.

It’s never been more important to interact positively with customers, create content that is engaging and relevant, and stay up to date.

60% of Australian internet users read online reviews or blogs, with just under a third of both genders leaving reviews. 47% of females have unfriended someone and 10% were brave enough to go on a date with someone they had met online.

Australian women use social media in a different way to men, but these networking sites have found a place in our lives and businesses need to start noticing the trends.

For the complete facts and figures you can view and download the full 2016 Sensis Social Media Report.

Image Credit: Pexels

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