How Integrated Data Solutions Are Transforming Healthcare Organisations

By Alice Duthie
on 9 September 2022

Automation and data integration is completely transforming the way large enterprises conduct their day-to-day operations – and the reality is no different for healthcare organisations. SnapLogic, alongside Amazon Web Services, is leading the way in enterprise automation.

SnapLogic’s Accelerator for Amazon HealthLake helps healthcare organisations easily transform raw data into real-time insights. The Accelerator achieves this by automating processes, accelerating analytics, and establishing a single platform for all healthcare input requirements.

Modernising Legacy Systems

The SnapLogic Accelerator retrieves data from common on-premises legacy systems, such as EPIC and Cerner, and then expedites its movement into Amazon HealthLake. Patient data can then be accessed by healthcare providers on this centralised platform, which boosts efficiency and enables treatment plans to be more personalised. Overall, this can help organisations improve patient care while also cutting their costs.

Since health data is often unstructured, and takes the form of clinical notes, lab reports, insurance claims or medical images, HealthLake helps to organise this data and extract useful insights. By transforming unstructured data using natural language processing models, Amazon provides healthcare professionals with powerful query and search capabilities.

Harnessing Data and Accelerating Innovation

Mark Gibbs, VP of Products at SnapLogic has stated that, “Healthcare and life sciences companies understand the powerful role that accurate, accessible data plays in a modern organisation. The question is, how can they easily access the needed data and deliver quality insights that enable better hospital operations, faster drug research, better patient care, and more?”

“With our Accelerator, organisations can significantly speed up application connectivity and data movement, making teams more productive and enabling them to harness all their data assets to drive the organisation forward.”

With Amazon HealthLake, healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies can obtain a holistic view of both individual and patient population health data. Thanks to cloud technology, this data can be stored securely at scale.

healthcare organisations

“The goal of Amazon HealthLake is to make it easier for life sciences and healthcare agencies, organisations, researchers, and practitioners to collaborate and derive real, lasting value from the data that powers their operations, programs, and services,” said Dan Sheeran, General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“SnapLogic’s accelerator helps to facilitate the secure movement of and access to critical health data across an organisation – this becomes an easier task and the potential for time-to-value can be increased dramatically.”

It’s no secret that technology is completely transforming the world of business. By integrating data, applications, and systems, organisations have the power to uncover invaluable insights. With these insights, businesses can make more informed decisions on the strategic and operational level.

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