How Technology Trends Influence The Design Of Our Cities And Suburbs

How Technology Trends Influence The Design Of Our Cities And Suburbs

Technology has pretty much redefined every aspect of our lives. A simple act of dining out involves technology at every step – for e.g. making a reservation using OpenTable, taking pictures of the food for an Instagram post, leaving a review on Yelp or Zomato, and using Uber to get back home.

From how we sleep, how we work (from anywhere, as long as we have an internet connection and a device), how we communicate (through social media of course!), how we eat (food delivery apps, ftw), and how we travel (planned or impromptu, always booked online), technology has pervaded our being in ways that can be enthralling at best, unnerving at worst. Now, a new global report (The Liveable (sic) City Futures report, developed by international trend forecasters The Future Laboratory) has awarded a suburb of Melbourne – YarraBend – as the World’s Most Liveable Suburb by 2025.

The report analyzes the important current and future-facing factors impacting urban planning globally, to identify major trends that will shape the way we live. And at its core, the report has recognized technology as a key contributor to overall livability standards. What does that mean exactly? Let’s find out.

Yarrebend apartment rooftop

What that essentially means is that the digital revolution is redefining the planning and production of modern buildings and cities to create ‘Optimized Communities’ and ‘Smart Suburbs.’

  • Optimized Communities – Communities that interact with technology and data-tracking to enhance convenience, connectivity and well-being to ultimately build an optimized lifestyle.
  • Smart Suburbs – Improving lifestyles through technological innovations inherent in the design of the suburb/city.

Livability report Smart suburbs

  • Civic Brand-lords – Businesses and property developers will increasingly step in to support and develop communities where governments are failing.
  • Learning Locales – Co-working spaces will be key to nurturing start-ups and the local workforce in general.

Liveability report Learning locales

Australian consumers are obviously digitally savvy and want Smart Architecture to build their cities and suburbs. At YarraBend, this consumer demand is met by Tesla Powerwalls in some residences, battery car charging points at select locations, and advanced housing design. You read that right!

Yarrabend apartment structure

In the future, the benchmark of a livable city or suburb will be that it has to be built smart, be well-connected and have a strong technology focus.

Sounds pretty darn good.

Sneha Khale

Written by Sneha Khale

With a background in Psychology and Criminology, Sneha has spent the past several years working in the travel and tech industries. As a writer and editor, she's most interested in developing content which is at the intersection of pop culture, gender, and contemporary lifestyle. "Don't let your 'to do' list get longer than your Netflix 'to watch' queue," is her philosophy for 2018.

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