How To Attract What You Want This Year…

By Women Love Tech
on 6 January 2018

Perth-based, Karen McDermott, Law of Attraction Practitioner and award-winning Author, has shared her top seven tips with Women Love Tech to help you change your mindset in 2018 and attract what you want.
The award-winning entrepreneur is the author of Mindful Magic, which explains the benefits of changing our mindset in order to manifest the life we dream of…

“Mindful Magic has been written for those who seek insight into how to create a magical life and/or business success,” says Karen. “Our mindset is our greatest treasure. I believe that when time and circumstance align, magic happens. My greatest passion is to inspire others to find their magic.”
She has also penned a pro-active go-with-your-flow approach to resetting your mindset to create your best life. And, this busy mother of six is the founder of Serenity Press and the Making Magic Happen Academy.

Tips for changing your mindset and attracting what you want

  1. One simple mindset shift can change your life.
  2. Do something mindfully for 21 days and you will have created a habit.
  3. Positive energy will attract positive things into your life.
  4. Passion fueled by loving intention can make anything happen.
  5. There are no limits, only the ones we impose on ourselves.
  6. If you allow yourself to believe in the magic of life, you will experience a more magical life.
  7. Knowing is not a thinking thing, it is a feeling thing, accept this and you will be guided to your purpose.

Mindful Magic, Karen McDermott

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