How to Avoid the First Date Disaster

By Frederique Bros
on 24 August 2013

There is nothing worse than a bad date! I was on one a few months ago, and I’m laughing about it… now… but it was a truly awkward and uncomfortable 40-minute date! Thanks to my friend who  helped me out and texted me during the date so I could find a lame excuse to escape: “I’m invited to a party tonight, I have to go, bye!” How To Avoid To First Date Disaster

Let’s imagine a different scenario; your dear friend forgot to text you or call you. Would you stay all night with your bad date? Certainly not, life is too short! But how could you avoid the first-date disaster? By being in control with Bad Date Rescue, a fun app created by eHarmony, the trusted online relationship site.

How Does It Work?

  • Bad Date Rescue, allows users to ‘fake’ an incoming call to their iPhone in order to break up the bad date.
  • You can either schedule the call or prompt a call to your phone in 3 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes.
  • Schedule a call from your mom, who will inform you that ‘your sister is having the baby!’ (I love this one!)
  • Schedule a call from your neighbour, informing you a water pipe in your apartment has sprung a leak!
  • Or your boss, who just found out everything at the office isn’t working and needs your help NOW! (hmmm this one will work only in the daytime)
  • The incoming call appears on your phone, just like a real call would, with a real voice on the other end of the line, try not to giggle!

Personal Advice

Try not to crack up when you’re listening to the fake call. But if you laugh your head off, there is only one thing to do, run and never come back! Have fun.

If the Bad Date Rescue app isn’t your thing, eHarmony also has a mobile app that is compatible with Android and Apple.

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