How You Can Be A Founder And A Devoted Mother

Women Love Tech
on 29 July 2019

It might sound unattainable, but being a tech founder and devoted mother is a possibility. There are over 345,000 business-owning mothers in Australia, so if you’re thinking about starting your own business and family, you’re in great company. Our Australian Mums in Business Survey shows that these mums represent a huge one sixth of all small businesses and provide income for over half a million Australians. 

Most (77%) mums who start their own businesses say they are happier as a result and that the main motivation for mums starting their own businesses is a desire for more flexibility and the ability to follow a passion. Therefore, business owners experience much less ‘mummy guilt’ than those in employment. This is a subject that often plagues mothers who feel like they can’t give their all to work or family and are constantly juggling the two. However, when founding their own companies, everything becomes on their own terms. For example, they can work from home during flexible hours, care for children when sick, or perhaps take their child into the office. 

Carrie Kwan spending time with her kids while working at home
Carrie Kwan, mother and founder of Mums & Co

So what do you do if you have always dreamed of starting your own company? First of all, make sure your business idea is sound. By becoming a member of a founders network like Mums & Co you can join local meet ups with other people in your position or those who have gone and done it. These inspirational mothers and founders can help give you the confidence, camaraderie and coaching you need to scope out your idea and the best next steps for you. They can also teach you about their own experiences juggling their families and startups.

Our research also shows that financial concerns act as a major barrier to women starting a business, both costs associated with setup and access to capital funding. Four in five considerers are concerned with the commerciality of their idea. For guidance on all of the fundamentals of the business start-up process, be part of our member meetups and events such as the upcoming Be MPowered Conference and Pitch Competition, which is also one of the first family-friendly conferences with free on-site childcare.

Carrie Kwan, Business Founder

So if you’ve dreamed about becoming a tech founder and mother but have worried about making the first steps, attending the Be MPowered Conference is a brilliant catalyst; to get inspired and find out about funding, founding and fast-tracking success. Speakers include Fran Ereira, Zip, Dr. Jemma Green, Power Ledger, Joel Kalmanowicz, Atlassian, and Tamara McCann, Google. Meet and learn from the women who have made their first steps and are thriving.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Mums & Co co-founder Carrie Kwan for her contribution.

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