How To Boost Your Tweet By Up To 148%???

Frederique Bros
on July 23, 2015

Twitter is getting increasingly visual and some estimate adding an image to a tweet can boost engagement by up to 150%!!! Twitter itself revealed in a 2014 blog post that photos gain users an average of a 35% boost in retweets alone. Let’s see which free tool will help you to get the most of Twitter.

How To Boost Your Tweet By Up To 148%???

Twitter was once famous for the sparseness of its 140-character posts is evolving into a multimedia powerhouse.

If you want your tweets to stand out, including images is a surefire way to boost engagement. While it’s simple to share your own photos and video on the service, you might have trouble finding the right image to accompany links.

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Tweet Links With Images From The Web

Below, we take a look at free tool TwitShot, which helps you “spice up” your tweets with images. TwitShot extracts images from links and attaches them to your tweets, giving you a better shot at engagement.

Twitshot extract images from links and attach them to your tweets.

Tweet Links With Images From Your iPhone – Free – Apple

What you can do with Twitshot:
• Use the Share Extension to easily tweet content from Safari and other apps
• Schedule your tweet easily with other popular Twitter clients directly from Twitshot
• Add a screenshot of a page to a tweet
• Paste an image URL or import a photo from your Photo Library
• Search for an image to attach to your tweet

No more hassle anymore, happy tweeting!

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