How to Create an Awesome Snack Stash for Work

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 25 February 2021

Have you seen the awesome TikTok videos of people with enviable snack drawers for their office or gaming desk?

Snack Selection

If you stock up your snacks in your lunch break, then you don’t need to be raiding the lollies provided at work and hopefully, you’ll save money. DAISO is the perfect shop for grabbing Asian snacks.

Healthy Snacks

Some of my work colleagues have been snacking on grapes, carrot sticks, cheese and meat packs. Banana and apples are the most popular fruit options. Other people like to munch on homemade trail mix, mixed nuts and wasabi peas.

Snack bars

Protein bars and cookies tend to be overpriced and taste pretty ordinary. Muesli and nut bars are a better snack option. Fibre One bars are like eating a little slice of cake and are under 100 calories. They come in great flavours like chocolate brownie and carrot cake.

Snack Size Packs

If you are busy then you might like to buy pre-packaged snacks like Shape biscuits, Premium biscuits, or chips.

Seaweed is a great chip substitute – you get the same mouthfull and salty-fix, with way less calories. Popcorn is not great for the mess factor. It’s so easy to eat too many nuts or wasabi peas in one go.

These might be best stored in a large plastic container.  Try to reduce your plastic waste by using reusable lunch boxes and containers – the Biome online shop has a great range. 

Snack Cookbooks

If you’d like some recipe ideas than you might want to look at ‘Snack Power’ by Tiffany Hall, and ‘Clean Treats from everyone: healthy desserts and snacks made with simple, real food ingredients’ by Laura Fuentes. If you have children and preparing lunch boxes, check out ‘Smart snacks: 100+ quick and nutritious recipes for surviving the school years: mood-boosting food for kids and teens’ by Flip Shelton.

If you’re a fan of protein balls you might want to buy ‘Energy Bites: high protein, no-bake bliss balls to make and give’ by Christine Bailey and ‘Bliss Bites’ by Kate Bradley.

Chewing gum seems like an essential item for your top drawer and ideal for after lunch when you might have eating something raw onion or garlic.

You may like to create a snack platter with a little bit of each of your favourite snacks. But this might be a better option when you’re working at home with the family.

Some people may like to store their snacks in the bottom of their filing cabinets. While others might have a kawaii mini fridge (think Amazon) stocked with cold drinks and snack bars.

Office Drinkware

Image Credit: Fressko

Hayley Culley says “The double-walled glass infuser flask from Fressko is a must-have item from dawn to dusk. There is something so satisfying about seeing the refreshing colours of my smoothie through the glass as I sip and the insulation keeps it icy cold. From lunch onwards I pop fresh-cut fruits and herbs under the short infuser and grace my desk with a vibrant fruit infused water; it’s amazing how much more water is consumed when it looks so pretty! From late afternoon till bed, I fill the long infuser with my fave loose-leaf tea and the double-walled glass keeps my brew hot while the outside never gets too hot to hold. One flask = hydration all day with a Fressko”.

Hayley Culley says “When coffee is my morning brew of choice – whether it’s an early morning wake up or a needed mid-afternoon caffeine hit I always make sure I have my trusty reusable Fressko cup in easy reach on my desk. Luckily with the non-slip bases and spill-proof lids, I can rest assured that my important documents are safe near my brew. Another feature of the Fressko cups that my barista loves, are the internal fill lines so there is no more guessing as to where to fill, however, my fave feature is the insulation as I can be confident my coffee is still hot after my trek from the cafe to my desk!”

Some girl gamers have a dedicated glass for the desk. (The highly-collectible Starbucks cat paw is popular).  I prefer my favourite custom mug, but I’m lusting after the Geek Tiki drinkware for my home office. I’m keen to try out the Mighty Mug that is spill-proof and promises not to fall with its suction bottom.

Add a pretty coaster to protect your desk, and get in the habit of keeping your drinks away from your desk to avoid bumping it.

Try not to judge someone on their snack stash. Nobody likes the food police.

Please leave a comment and let us know what’s in your work snack stash?

Image credit: © Copyright made by Fressko

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