How to get Started in Creating Videos

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on 3 May 2019

Here is some advice about creating your first online video.
Start with creating a storyboard or brainstorm what you want to film. It’ll depend on your purpose if you want to ad-lib the script or write down and rehearse what you want to say.
When filming your footage shoot in sequence and from different angles.
You’ll definitely need to stabilise your camera or smartphone with a tripod. Look for a microphone to dramatically improve the sound you record. A lapel microphone might be the best if you’re filming dialogue.

Did you know that the majority of people hold their smartphone the wrong orientation? You’ll need to hold it in sideways in landscape mode so that it avoids the black lines you get when you film with the phone upright (or in portrait mode).

Think about your lighting. It’s always best to film in daylight – on a fine day. Do a practice run through to see where the shadows are appearing.

Avoiding zooming in – you’ll end up with a better quality video image if you move closer to your subject. Don’t forget to clean your lens regularly.

Editing can be the most time-consuming part of creating a video. Create a folder for each scene and give your files meaningful names. Sharp editing (culling all of the excess seconds) is one of the ways to make your films more professional.

Before you upload and share your final film you’ll need to optimise your file to make it smaller for viewing online.

For more information, The Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie covers producing your first feature film or a clip for YouTube. The author uses industry standard language in this guide to planning, shooting and editing. It’s a handy reference guide for beginners.

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